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    Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been round these parts.

    Now this isn't strictly Liquid Crystal news, but it does affect this area of the site, the Development Journal. For those that can remember back to the launch of LC 3.1, the Live Log had a number of "status updates" which detailed small changed made to the ROM each day. This allowed you guys to know exactly what's going on and when. Then, with the introduction of the Official LC Site, the Live Log was replaced by this Development Journal. Well, I guess it's time to introduce the change that will happen in 2 days time. - the future of ROM Hacking. is a new site I've been working on for a long time, which aims to create an incredible community for ROM Hackers to share their work and get to know people. The idea is similar to Facebook, and the site itself is essentially a Facebook for ROM Hackers. officially launches today!

    But how does this affect Liquid Crystal? Well, I've decided that once the site is launched I'll be closing down the Development Journal, and moving it to the Liquid Crystal Page where you can get all the new information, videos, pictures, events and report bugs as well as discussion about the game.

    Every time me or a member of the team works on Liquid Crystal, we will be writing status updates onto the page. This can include posting a new WIP soundtrack, a new map or set of tiles, a video showing off a new feature, or anything else such as the small updates you can expect from the Live Log and this journal.

    I encourage people to head over to the Liquid Crystal page on and have a look. You'll need to sign up in order to comment and take part in the discussions, as well as post onto the Page yourself.

    As for Liquid Crystal itself, I planned for work a lot on it this summer, but found myself chilling out for the majority of the time. I go back to Uni on October 1st, so I'll try and get some updates in before then since this month is generally quite clear for me until I go back.

    Until the next update, I'll see you guys around!
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