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    Bah, I can't believe I left without updating for so long. For those who don't know me, I was attempting an Ultimate Solo Challenge with Weedle. I've posted earlier in this thread about having beaten Gens 1 and 3, as well as getting up to Red in Gen 2. Part of the reason I've stopped updating is because it takes me too long to type it up before I'm satisfied with it. But today I decided I'm not putting it off anymore. Here are videos of me finishing gens 4 and 5 with Weedle.



    I still have ahead of me Red in Gen 2, so I'm not done yet. In place of posting my journey, I'll say this. If anyone here wants pictures of beaten gym leaders, or has questions on how I beat certain parts, feel free to ask and I'll happily tell you about it.

    EDIT: Also, as a result of a camping trip where I got bored and most of my games were at home, I started a Solo challenge on Sapphire with Shedinja, I'm currently at the Elite 4. If I like it enough I'll make it into an Ultimate.