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Originally Posted by silvanarrow View Post
Kabutopsian, I would like to make a breeding request.

Username: silvanarrow
Pokemon Name: Growlithe (male please)
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Adamant
IV Spread: Flawless would be lovely, but Special Attack is not a priority. Whichever is easier!
Shiny: Yes
NickName: Driger
Hatch Location: Doesn't matter

Are you able to breed it with the egg move Close Combat? I really need that move for this particular Pokemon. If not, I can try to get a proper parent and lend it to you.

I'm not sure what you would like in exchange, but please check my thread (link in signature). I don't know if you are accepting DW females yet, but I would be happy to offer several of those or anything else in my thread if you can clone. Thank you!
i could do it for your Pktopia Magmortar if ya want
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