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    Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson, Geoff Bates, Isla Van Tricht & Lily Blackstar - Oldale Town

    While Geoff was falling in love (again), Eli, Isla, and Lily were watching in anticipation of the Pokéball's optimistic beep only to become disappointed by the Poliwag's escape.

    "You'll get it next time, Isla; try again," Eli encouraged. Almost instantly Isla had a renewed vigor, readying another Pokéball as she ordered Brotad to sap some more of the Poliwag's health. Before the Lotad could get its attack in, Poliwag had started slapping away at his face with another Doubleslap. It was still funny, seeing the fan-like tail whip at Brotad, but it got him off. Poor thing landed in the water upside-down, taking a divebomb from Poliwag before it was flipped back over.

    "Duck. Duck. Duck." There was something starting to annoy Eli, but she couldn't find out where it was coming from.

    "You guys hear that?" Lily and Geoff denied, and Isla was too busy.

    "Alright, Brotad, you ready? Absorb!" It leaped up! It latched onto the Poliwag's face again (to Isla's surprised face)! It started sucking away the health the Poliwag had left! And it was over. "That should be unconscious enough. Okay, go Pokéball!" She threw her prepared capture-and-containment device and it knocked the knocked-out Poliwag clean in the mouth before consuming it in its all-consuming red light and swallowing it whole.

    "Duck. Duck. Duck."

    "I think I hear it now," Lily continued. Albion, now resting on Eli's head as per the new usual, was woken up by the sound, and rather annoyed by it and the cause. "It must be a Psyduck. They're not too common, but they're definitely around here." It was getting closer, too. Actually, it was right on Eli's leg. With a shiver and jump, she'd jumped away from the dumb duck as her Pokéballs scattered on the ground. The reaction, Geoff and Isla thought, was absolutely adorable, but only in the safety of their thoughts. Either of them could've jumped between Eli and the Psyduck yelling, "I'll protect you!" but they restrained themselves. Geoff was proving to be more of a wannabe womanizer than even he could've imagined, especially since his current efforts were going to what he thought was a guy.

    As Eli went to gather her capsules, the Psyduck had been staring at them... and it walked up to an empty one, smacking the button with its arm.

    Everyone but Geoff: ಠ_ಠ
    Geoff: ಠ_ರೃ

    "... Duck."
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