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First and only update for my Ultimate Yellow run on blue!
-Chose bulbasaur who was ditched upon starting.
-Caught a Pikachu after 20 minutes of searching, named it Fleener (as in Coby Fleener of the Indianapolis Colts)
-Beat Brock after A LOT of grinding on Pidgeys
-Beat Misty with no problems
-Caught a Sandshrew I named Fitzgerald (as in Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals)
-Cruised Through Lt. Surge
-Caught Vulpix and named it Dalton (as in Andy Dalton of the Cincinnati Bengals)
-Used Vulpix To Burn Erika
-Evolved Fitz, Dalton, and Fleener in Celadon
-Beat Koga with no problems
-Took Saffron By Storm by destroying Giovanni and Sabrina in some pretty quick battles
-Beat Blaine with no problems
-Took on Giovanni and saved the world! No seriously through Blackmon went to work.
-Made it the Pokemon League
-Beat Loriel with Fleener
-Beat Chuck(?) with Blackmon
-Beat Agatha with pure sexyness (and Blackmon/Dalton)
-Then there was the Dragon Master Lance who fell to efforts by the whole team
-Finally, we made it up to Gary, after feeling bad for killing his raticate, I figured I might go easy on him but then I'm like, this guy disses me every five seconds soooooo DIE. I took him out with Fleener and Fitz!
-I la Champion!

Dream Team:
Fleener the Raichu LV 58

Dalton the Ninetails LV 56

Blackmon the Exeggutor Lv 48

Fitzgerald the Sandslash LV 49

On to Silver!
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