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Gallant and Speculum both ran off after the Swift, but he recklessly sprinted ahead, leaving the two of them to catch up. "Swift! Hold on!" Gallant called for him, but he was too far ahead now to hear what they were saying. "Damn...come on. We need to go help him, fast!"

Just as Gallant and Speculum finally approached the Siren, something caught all of their attention from behind. Black flame, originating from the location the Gold Tribe were battling Ignitus. "What in the world...?" Gallant wondered out loud. He shook his head, focusing back on the Siren. The Swift, who had seen the flames as well, quickly retreated back to the location.

"Damn it, boy, make up your mind!" Gallant called at him, just as he took off back. He sighed, and faced back at he Siren and then at Speculum. "Well, looks like it'll be the two of us, then."

"Dun worry, we got this!" Speculum said, transforming from his Excadrill state into a Grovyle, one of his other favorite transformations.

"Careful, brother." Gallant retorted, taking a stance as he faced up the Gardevoir. "Overconfidence blurs out the danger. This is still a Sentinel."

"Right...sorry." Speculum said in a lower voice. Even though he had been initiated into the Gold Tribe, he was still very young, and had much to learn. Though Gallant and himself were technically equals in rank and stature, he still fell into the old habit of respecting and following his wishes, as he was not too long ago his instructor.

"Sentinel, we will give you this one chance to surrender. Desist your wrongdoings to the citizens of Albia and turn yourself in, or we will turn to force."


Ignitus's flamethrower, though powerful was able to be held off by Defender's water which he used as a temporary barrier, but the power she was exhibiting was much greater than that which she had shown before. Zane didn't know how much longer he could keep this up. Zane sat on the ground panting for a moment. The Healer continued to do her work with excellent efficiency. If they made it through the battle, Zane would have to remember to thank her. Defender shouted at him while countering Ignitus's attack.

"Vigil! Get the city evacuated! Now!" He yelled at him. Zane just sat there, unable, or perhaps unwilling, to follow through with the request.

"You expect me to just leave and make you three fight her on your own?! I'm not going to abandon you now!"

"There's no time, Vigil!" Calamity shouted. "We need to warn the citizens! We don't know how bad this could get!"

"We'll be alright!" Guardia said with a smirk. "Go!" Zane stood for a moment longer, but realizing time was of the essence, departed swiftly towards the city, where he saw the armies already making their push inside. At the helm, he noticed the Generals, shouting commands and fighting off Ancients. Zane sprinted forward as fast as he could towards them. He literally rammed and trampled right over a group of Ancients in front of him, but didn't bother delivering finishing blows to them, still hurriedly attempting to reach the Generals.

"Hazone! Belas!" He shouted, as he got closer, but they were still not in range to be heard in the noise of the battle. A Bastiodon and Archeops moved into the way of Zane, in which he retaliated by delivering a power strike with his claws right onto the Archeops. Before the beast touched down onto the ground in defeat, he grabbed onto the Ancient, and, using all of his strength he could, threw the beast right onto the charging Bastiodon. He moved on quickly, before finally reaching the Generals. "Generals!"

General Hazone and Belas turned to Zane. "Vigil! Well met!" Belas belowed in his booming voice. "What in Arceus's name was going on over there with Ignitus! We saw the whol-"

"No time! Somethings happened with Ignitus. She's releasing mass amounts of power! And it only seems like her abilties are rising. If she keeps this up, she'll destroy the entire city. I need you to help me evacuate all the citizens remaining in Albia! We need to act quickly!"

Belas followed his words carefully, and, as if absorbing all the information and easily reading it, prepared to efficiently execute orders. "Alright! We'll get it done!" He said, with an encouraging nod, before turning to his left and right and began shouting orders at his men as they began entering the city. Alpha Alliance soldiers spread out at the words of the Generals, and their tasks divided, many still engaging pockets of heavy Ancient resistance, while others went door to door to the citizens and attempted to give them safe passage out of the city. In minutes, Pokemon citizens already began slowly evacuating into the northern and western exists, attempting to reach one of the nearby smaller villages. Zane did his part too, going door to door, knocking and letting the Pokemon know that it was no longer safe to remain in the city. He saw how frantically some of the families were, taking whatever they could in the short time, and leaving so many things behind. For many, they might never see their homes the same way again. He felt disheartened to have to do this to them, but knew the alternative was death.

Zane scurried across the city, clearing one section of homes before going to the next, many Alpha Alliance soldiers doing the same. He sprinted across the courtyard on his way to another part of the city, when he suddenly felt a stinging pain across his back followed by a forceful shot, and collapsed from the impact of the blow. A voice behind him giggled.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" The voice said. "If it isn't Zane Tyrael, interim leader of the Gold Tribe. Where are you off to in such a hurry?" She asked. Zane picked himself off of the dirt, and rose up, turning around to face his attacker, although he had a pretty good idea who it was anyways. Frost. And she couldn't have showed up at a worse time, when he was isolated from any of his other brothers or sisters.

"Do stay and talk for a while. We've got so much to catch up on..."


Defender continued to hold off the flamethrower, but Ignitus's attack seemed only to grow stronger with every passing second. Calamity got off his feet, now thinking of a way to help his brother out. He dashed to the side of Ignitus, and struck him with a Night Slash. Ignitus took the attack, but didn't let off of the flamethrower, merely casting a flame at Calamity, and pushing him away. Guardia got up now, racing at her from the other side, slashing at her body. The attack cut deep, but there was hardly any reaction from Ignitus, as if she didn't feel the attack hit her at all, even though Guardia could clear see the wound in front of her. The Swift, who then arrived, struck her back, but the same effect happened. Ignitus compressed energy around her, and release flames in all directions, forcing the Gold Tribe away from her again. Just then, Ragnaros came in from above, launching a Hydro Pump, which disrupted the flamethrower attack just enough so that it was concluded abruptly. Ignitus turned her cold, dark eyes up at the sky at Ragnaros, who swooped in and struck her with a Dragon Rush. The momentum of Bloodthirster's large body and the attack forced her backwards a few meters, before she got control of the situation, and launched herself off of Ragnaros. The Gold Tribe were now surrounding her in a circle. She looked at them coldly. Calamity knew Ignitus from before the invasion of Auron. He also knew Ignitus the Sentinel. This Pokemon was neither. It almost seemed like an Ancient: Non-sentient and mindless, having no will of her own.

Ignitus looked around calmly, before powering up her attack again. In almost an instant, she released another powerful Overheat at them, bigger and stronger than any of the last, as if with every passing moment, she was getting stronger and stronger. Guardia tried to block her flames with her signature Thunder attack (Lyn "Guardia" Reed, and her family is known for a signature Thunder attack in which she uses the Thunder at or around her body as a shield, more as a defensive attack than an offensive one), yet the flames seemed to only be slowed down by her ability, and eventually shredded through, burning at her. Calamity was also forced back by the flames, his side being burnt badly.

"Damn it!" Guardia cursed, slowly recovering from the onslaught of flames. She looked around the area, fire burning quickly through everything around. "How the hell are we supposed to stop something like this?! This's not possible for one Pokemon to have this much!"

"...There may be a way." Calamity said to Ragnaros, the Swift, Defender, Healer, and Guardia. Guardia looked at him curiously. "I'll need your help. Get me an opening. So that I get close enough to her. Give me that opening, and I can bring her down."

"How?" Lyn wondered, as curious as ever.

"Give me an opening, and I'll show you."

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