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Robert Macintosh

Robert raised a brow as Benjamin, in his own timid way, asked to tag alone with him. He didn't imagine himself with a partner during this journey, especially not Benjamin. Before now, he had the impression that he would also be traveling alone. Now that it was on his mind, he had to consider. Between the two of them they'd have more supplies, more protection, and he could probably help with that Syther thing. Well... Unless Benjamin was one of those Pokemon abuse nuts. His thoughts were broken into now and then by the calls of Benjamin's Rufflet. He figured it may have been trying to call to Pinhead, but whatever it was saying had very little effect. She made no move to make herself reappear and if she had responded to the Rufflet, she may have been hiding in her invisibility to further examine the other Pokemon.

Robert shrugged after a good moment of musings. "I don't see why not," he replied, grinning. "If you can wait for me to check to see if there's anything worth buying around the rest of this place and ask around a bit, that is." The merchants here didn't seem to have cemented land here and he wondered if their available items changed daily or periodically. He also had more time to check stores. He figured he'd look for the essentials and see if he can get more information that could push him in a plausible direction. After that, he'd be on his way.
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