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Originally Posted by Red99 View Post
Hey guys, I'm back! I understand we're discussing our favorite fire type of each generation?
I: Charizard, powerful Pokemon in general, able to learn lots of good moves, and in later games, can fly. It's also pretty much the best Pokemon.
II: Entei, because it is so hard to catch, and is a fairly powerful 'side' legendary.
III: Blaziken, because it makes the game a lot easier, and is especially good at the Battle Frontier. Also, good move pool, as far as I'm concerned.
IV: Infernape, because sometimes the type combination is useful, and it can learn some pretty good TMs.
V: Reshiram, because of the type combination. It may not have the best move pool, but since it's dragon, it can learn lots of moves by TM.
Charizard is quite a good Pokemon, although it's underrated. But I wouldn't say it was the best Pokemon though. As for Entei, it's one of the only Fire-Types with good HP, and it can be quite strong depending on what you want for a Fire-Type. As for Blaziken, it can be quite easy to take down because of it's horrendous Defense, and if it's up against something faster than it, forget about using it, as it is possible to knock it out in one go, especially if the opponent has a Mewtwo, which is faster. As for Infernape, it was quite a good Fire-Type, although it's pretty much the same as Blaziken - Horrible Defense, though Infernape probably has a better move-pool. As for Reshiram, that's my favourite Generation V Fire-Type too, but for some reason, I just think Fire/Dragon Types have bad move-sets. I know, it's weird. But yeah, it's got a lot of weaknesses, and it can be quite easy to take down with another Legendary of the same strength.