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Most of us have a Pokemon we simply adore above all others. Some of us favour powerful Pokemon with a fierce look. Others love beautiful,elegant Pokemon that really know how to charm. There are speedy Pokemon, ones with awesome designs and some so cute you really want to just hug them :D.

Pokemon are amazing, they are friends for life, strong battlers and creatures that make you smile. Who is your favourite of all 649 monsters? Why do you like that particular Pokemon, what made you interested in it?

My favourite has been Arcanine ever since I laid my eyes on it. It is a cross between a lion and tiger and in my opinon has an amazing design. Its stats are great too with high speed and attack.

Discuss your favourite Pokemon here and learn about what others love.
I'm not sure if this thread has already been started somewhere in the Community, since this is a common topic.

Also feel free to correct me if this is in the wrong section .
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