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    Originally Posted by Abbadon View Post
    This is the internet. Not the nicest of places. Trolls exist on just about every website that it is possible to have them on. If trolling upsets you in any meaningful way, you shouldn't internet.
    But then the troll 'wins'.

    Usually just get in touch with a site admin or something if someone is harassing you and they'll probably deal with the problem. If not, then you should probably just leave the site - but you don't have to leave the internet entirely lol.

    For example there was this one time where I threw a comment jokingly at Toujours but she took it the wrong way and then contacted Captain Fabio - a super moderator - who then contacted me and explained things out and then I sent an apology to her and now as per her request, I keep away from her. Problem solved.
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