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    @Fuyu: Oh Chris... Your wonderful misadventures with that Oddish will amuse me to no end. But then again, almost everything amuses me to no end...

    Chris recieved an Oddish, Level 10, Female!


    @Vato: I am going to allow you to choose the ability of your starter, so no worries there. But wild Pokémon's abilities will be chosen by me.

    After a harsh battle involving many unpleasant burns for the Pidgey, the little bird subdues itself to the PokéBall's might.

    In other words: Ellswort caught a Pidgey, level 8, Male! It's ability is Tangled Feet.

    However, Ellsworth's poor new companion should probably get healed up before continuing to adventure. Why not pester your new chum Richard?
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