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    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    Yeah, an eternal life would be nice, but I'm not willing to sacrifice the life I know I have for the presumption of another beyond the grave. It also doesn't make sense. What is the point of all of this, in the end? Think from Jesus's perspective for a second. Why would you create a world with billions of people in it and drop some vague hints at your own existence just to see how many follow you and how many reject you, and base whether they get to come back home and meet you on their performance?

    Is it like, a huge cosmic social experiment? Is Jesus bored and just wants to play his own version of The Sims? What is the whole point of this if it starts and ends with him - what is he getting out of it?

    As for 22.12 (though I could have sworn it was 21.12, but I'll take your word for it lol) I'm pretty psyched for it. I have some lawn chairs, I'll just sit out by the pool and watch the fiery meteor shower
    I got a bit confused, probably because I'm still drowsy. So apologies if I get anything wrong. God made people in the beginning to be with him. He also gave them the gift of free will. When man chose to sin, he effectively severed his contact to God. Jesus was then sent to save the world from sin; but we have to accept it. It's as simple as accepting Jesus as your savior, and your saved. As to why God gave man free will in the first place, don't ask; I asked a friend that, and he explained it all, but I completely forgot. And really, I think we won't really convince each other with our arguments. I believe in the afterlife, so it makes perfect sense to me. You don't, so you think we're wasting our time. And sorry if I didn't really answer your argument, I think I did though.

    Also, you were right. it is actually 21 December. Seems my previous sources were misinformed . Truth be told, I'm actually probs gonna watch a bit of CNN and all to see what people in the world are all doing about it. And then maybe watch 'The day after tommorow' I actually thought the solar flare theory was convincing at first, as some NASA scientist actually said so. Then 2012 rolls in, and nothing in the news about people getting ready. I figured there might have been, so I check the NASA website and it's a hoax :/. Whoops. Any theories you guys found convincing?