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First update on my Monotype Water challenge xD :

-Chose Piplup at Lake Verity
-Levelled Piplup up to 7.
-Got the Pokedex from Professor Rowan
-Nicknamed my Piplup 'Pingu'.
-Got the Running Shoes and defeated my rival with Pingu at Lv12
-Went to Oreburgh Mine and found Roark.
-What? Pingu is evolving!
-Beat Roark and the trainers with Pingu now at level 17.
-Headed back to Oreburgh Mine B1F and caught a Psyduck, level 10. Nicknamed it Daffy xD.
-Grinded Daffy on Route 207 to Level 14.
-Forgot about the Old Rod and headed back to Jubilife.
-Got the Old Fishing Rod and caught a male Magikarp at level 5. Nicknamed it Kraken.
-Went north and defeated the grunts. Saved.

Current Team :

Pingu ( Prinplup) Level 17
-Metal Claw

Daffy ( Psyduck ) Level 14 -
Water Gun
Water Sport

Kraken ( Magikarp ) Level 5 -
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