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The strength of a card isn't particularly defined by the output of its attack.

Generally the strength of a card is backed by the support structure of the deck it's run in. Some pokemon can make it on their own, but normally you need support for the card to be at its strongest.

Lugia ex would've been a terrible card if it wasn't for Blastoise ex and holon's pokemon. Its attack needs wouldn't have been able to be met without the support of those cards and it would've been a simple novelty card.

Rayquaza C Lv.X is an example of where the attack cost brings the card down. WFPC for 200 is ridiculous. There was nothing in the SP format to make that attack happen. And sure, you don't discard the energy if you had no cards in hand, but the issue is that the format Rayquaza C Lv.X was that dropping your hand down to 0 cards would've been incredibly situational and almost impossible. The card was also weak to Garchomp C(or Dragonite FB), one of the most popular cards of that format. And Garchomp would've set up WAAAY before Rayquaza C ever would.

And besides, 200 damage will always be bittersweet. Any pokemon that has an attack like this normally has no other attack options, a ridiculous triple-type energy cost and often, coincidentally, have a weakness to very common competitive decks.

Lugia Legend was the most recent pokemon to be able to do 200 damage, but you had to have both halves of the card to play it. And on top of that, you still had that ridiculous attack cost.

In conclusion, I feel that there are no "Strongest" cards, because strength is determined by the format a card is in, and the deck it's played in. Because by the current Meta's standards, Stormfront Machamp would be the most broken card ever because it hits major decks for weakness and OHKO's EX's automatically and would win in 3 turns.

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