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    You would have played nuzlocke challenge in any main game. But you would have rarely played nuzlocke challenge in any Mystery Dungeon game. Here is the place to do so.


    1# You can use any of Mystery Dungeon games- Red Rescue Team, Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Sky, Explorers of Time or Explorers of Darkness.
    2# You must answer the test truthfully. No restarting or looking for a guide to help to get starter.
    3# You must accept only the first recruit of any dungeon.
    4# Any non user or partner pokemon dead must be released.
    5# If your starter or partner is dead before you can release them, you must release them as soon as you can.
    6# You can use 2 reviver seeds per dungeon.
    7# The game is over if your parter or starter dies 3 times before you can release them or when all your pokemon dies after you can release them.
    8# The challenge ends when you beat Rayquaza in Mystery Dungeon Red/Blue or When you beat Darkrai in Mystery Dungeon Sky/Time/Darkness.

    Optional Rules
    1# You must nickname all your pokemon.
    2# You must reach to Gardevoir in Red/blue


    Username:- Aryan143
    Game:- Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky


    Aryan143- Explorers of Sky
    Lezza- Explorers of Time
    Seraphimon-sama- Explorers of Sky
    Star Girl- Red Rescue Team


    Aryan143- Explorers of Sky
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