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    Route 211/Mt. Coronet

    Bay felt a change of atmosphere as soon as he set foot on the dark soil on Route 211. He stopped to take in his surroundings as he often did. He felt overwhelmed with nature somehow and managed to detect the nearby water, and some sort of energy ahead in a cave. He felt odd because he had never felt this sort of presence before but at the same time he felt like he didn't have to worry about it. As he walked further west and crossed a worn down bridge from at least one hundred years ago, he felt himself spiritually resonate with the area. He noticed this path felt familiar but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. He shook off this feeling of awe in his senses being somewhat inhuman to notice this and walked ahead. As he got off the bridge he paused and stared into the darkness of the cave which, instead of appearing like it was taunting him, seemed like it was welcoming him instead. He slowly walked into the abyss of the cave and as soon as his eyes adjusted to the lighting, he felt a sudden gloominess overcome him, almost like despair. The majority of the cave was visible but Bay felt that he didn't need to see to travel through. He closed his eyes and tried to use his good hearing to guide him. The first two turns he bumped headfirst into the wall and he felt clumsy but afterwards he got the hang of it until he reached a giant boulder which obstructed the pathway ahead. Bay pushed at it for hours until he heard a voice that surprised him once more.

    "Just break it using my powers or dig ahead" said Flow
    "Why do you always remain solitary until times like these!" said Bay, half playfully.
    "Because it suits me and besides, don't you do the same?" said Flow rhetorically.
    Bay pondered it for a bit and then decided that there was truth behind what Flow was saying.
    "Well I guess we can do so now." said Bay. "So what do you do with those books I usually give to you?"
    Bay felt a sort of rush overcome him and he felt his tail emerge out of nowhere once more except it had a feel of iron. he felt an instinctive behavior overcome him and he swung his tail ahead into the boulder revealing a few more blocking the path. After breaking boulder after boulder he felt somewhat exhausted but he pressed on ahead.
    "Well I like to collect knowledge, simple as that" said Flow continuing the conversation.
    Bay thought about what Flow just stated as he walked through the cave exit, revealing a path of greenery and a blinding ray of light from the sun.

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