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Lucy - Oreburgh City
Lucy kept an eye on Amethyst, and flinched whenn the smaller girl freaked out and tossed a book at her feet. She aws momentarily distracted by the book. Those were one of the few links to the old world, and yet... Did she really want to be reminded of an older, better world she could not have? There were chances it didn't even relate to that. It could be about socks, or some asinine thing like that. The sound of metal clanking was heard and she looked up only to catch sight of Amethyst clinging to the side of a building. Was that like... a trash can or a metal object that had fallen or something? It sounded like someone was /here/! She just sort of allowed herself to become distracted by Amethyst for a moment and stared in wonder briefly. She... seemed to be getting used to her powers just fine! Lucy still didn't understand that outburst earlier, but holy moly!

Abruptly, one of the boys that had been traveling with her started... making demands at Amethyst. Lucy didn't like this. Nope. She vaguely recalled him having been complaining earlier. Something about the book... Why was he being like that? Who did he think he was? ...And then a familiar but not-so-familiar voice called her and Amethyst. "Hnn..?" she said rather reflexively, turning her head to look. Was that..? It looked like that boy she had had for breakfast earlier! He sounded... /strange/ though! And then Lucy ate Creed for being weird. Sheesh! It was quickly becoming crowded to Lucy.

...And then Alex /attacked/ Creed for seemingly no reason and gained Lucy's full attention just like that. He had suddenly decided to make himself appear dangerous. For now Ryan and Casper were safe... from her at least. Chances were Amethyst would be more curious about strange clanks, thuds, and foodsteps and whatnot. Meanwhile, Lucy began closing the distance between herself and the two males, Creed and Alex. She silently emptied her mind of her worries and other such thoughts, anticipating a non-physical attack and preparing appropriately. It was then that she finally addressed Creed. "Hey..." she commented in a rather distant tone, clearly focused elsewhere, namely the violent one of the two. A pause, and then she addressed Alex. "So like, you ask to travel with us and then you start trying to hurt people??" Lucy asked in a rather demanding tone, shaking her head lightly as if finding this unbelievable. "What the heck is wrong with you, man?!" she continued, equally demanding. Apparently she was kind of ticked off. Go figure.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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