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    Riku Kimura//September 2; 8:00 A.M.
    Riku's Room, Pallet Town

    "The prime suspects in this bank robbery are of course the notorious 'Blitz Gang', dubbed by their victims for their warfare-esque tactics to crimes. Reminiscent of the Blitzkrieg tactics of the Kanto War decades ago-"

    The television played in the otherwise quiet room, black socks covered feet that were mercilessly tapping at the ground. Feet that belonged to a young boy with his nose buried in a pile of books, usually very strange for an average sixteen year old - but not for him. The thing the boy loved about the white headphones around his ears is that they can block out any outside noise that would distract him from his studies, turning on the television set to keep his grandfather's pet Growlithe some company while he studied. Next to him was his desk top, idly sitting by as the boy payed no attention to it. It displayed the Indigo League's official web page where one month ago today it displayed the greatest news this boy had ever heard. He had been chosen for the League Challenge to represent Pallet Academy, it had been an entire month since the announcement and he had been studying and exercising ever since. The exercise came easy, he loved sports anyhow, but the studying was taking its toll on the boy's mind. For the past week he had spent his time debating on which starter to choose, not only were the three mascots available, but so were the rare Pikachu and Eevee. So many choices, each with their own list of pros and cons. He sighed.

    "-and yet, no one has ever seen the elusive Blitz Gang." The channel button on the remote was mashed with vigorous, angry force channelled through a still sleepy thumb, cutting off the news reporter's annoyingly chipper voice. . The boy yawned loudly, still in his pajamas: a pair of black basketball shorts, and white reading : PALLET BASKETBALL in capital cardinal colored letters. The boy was annoyed by how much publicity these criminals were getting, and would have no part in contributing to the ratings the news would be getting. He hauled himself off of the chair he had been sitting at for about an hour since he woke up, trying to make up his mind about which starter to pick. He slowly made his way across his room until he found himself in front of his bathroom mirror. The gaping cabinet mirror revealed a stately row of orange pill containers, cologne bottles, and deodorant. Reaching out for the half-full tube of tooth paste somewhere in the cabinet, eyes tired from waking up and reading, and finally found it before carefully spreading it across his toothbrush. After bushing and then cupping water form the sink to wash his mouth, the open mirror was closed with a bang. He looked at his own reflection now, the sixteen year old face of Riku Kimura. Dark brown hair, jagged at end in his signature fo-hawk. Haunting golden amber eyes, eyes that were just waking up, still. A placid, olive-toned face that wasn't fully fonscious. His room was air conditioned, but Riku couldn't feel the coolness until he exited the shower twenty minutes later. He had already layed out his clothes for the day, and packed extra clothes in his backpack.

    After changing into his outfit for the day, complete with his signature denim vest and official League cap, he grabbed his camouflage backpack and headed out the door. His grandfather had said his goodbyes to night before, he knew from experience goodbyes the morning of the journey could be difficult. They even took a picture together to commemorate their last dinner together for quite some time. The front door was closed with a bang, a post-it note left beside the snapshot on the fridge.

    "Thank you for everything, I'll be back soon. It'll be like I never left, love you. -Riku"

    • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


    One simple word, it was printed next to the door on a white sign. Five letters, elementary level. It was the laboratory wing of the Academy, no students were ever to enter this wing. He, along with the other four students, were given special pass keys. He just had to swipe it, simple. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to, suddenly he had doubts about himself. About his background, what if these other trainers looked down on him. Well he would just have to hit them. No, that' wouldn't solve anything. He would just have to pretend like he didn't care, like always. The glass doors slid apart as he slowly slid the pass key on the reader next to the doors, and he entered. The marble floor was quite nice, though there were some notable scuff marks here and there. Most likely from the constant running back and forth all of the scientists did in here. Bookshelves were lined against the walls, and papers were neatly stacked on desks along with countless computers and other technology. But no sign of any other students from his school, he would have recognized them by now. He checked the expensive looking watch on his wrist, it was already nine A.M. There were supposed to meet at the laboratory by now, but then again he was always one to be there before anyone else.

    "Hmmm...." Riku heard the elderly voice of a man peering up at the boy beside him. The man had his hand placed under his chin, examining the boy. "Tall fellow aren't you!" The man smiled. "Riku my boy, I'm glad to meet you!" He was Dr. Oak, the snow white hair and bright brown eyes confirmed it. Not to mention the awesome Pokéball themed, tricked out wheelchair he was rolling on. "Please, follow me." The man was very energetic given his age, but Riku said nothing. This was his idle after all, he didn't want to make a fool of himself. He had to play it cool. "You are the first to arrive, my office is back here. " The man said to Riku, who was too busy marveling at the lab to even listen to the old researcher.

    "I've got to say Doctor, you have an amazing research facility here."

    "Ah yes," Oak began, looking around and losing himself in thought. The old professor did that quite often now. "My grand daughter is away in Unova for a conference, so I'm sorry she could not be here today."

    "Professor Oak is really busy isn't she?" Referring to Professor Daisy Oak, who took over the facility in Oak's retirement. The man nodded and soon after the professor's eyes trailed off to a monitor on his desk, the monitor showed another young person at the door. It was the next trainer, he recognized them from school.

    "Excuse me Riku, it seems the first of your friends have arrived."

    "Of course." Riku said respectfully as Oak rolled off to the front of the lab. Riku immediately glared at the case on his desk, it was a cylinder case with a button on the side which he guessed was to open and reveal its content. The transparent glass on the case was all fogged up, so he was unable to see the Pokéballs inside. But he knew they were in there, and soon he would have one. To begin his journey, and to prove to his father that the son he left behind was actually worth something...
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