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If you were one of a Region's Elite Four, and you were a Fire-Type Specialist, what would your Fire-Type team be? With the Pokemon you picked, what moves would they know? Be creative, the more Types of moves the better.

Hmm, I'd have to say:

Strongest: Emboar
Moveset: Blast Burn, Fire Pledge, ThunderPunch, SolarBeam

2nd Strongest: Blaziken
Moveset: SolarBeam, Blaze Kick, Fire Pledge, Bounce

3rd Strongest: Magmortar
Moveset: SolarBeam, Hyper Beam, Flare Blitz, ThunderPunch

4th Strongest: NinetalesMoveset: Fire Blast, Flare Blitz, Dark Pulse, Iron Tail

5th Strongest: Charizard
Moveset: Fly, Blast Burn, SolarBeam, ThunderPunch

Weakest/Battle Starter: Camerupt
Moveset: Sunny Day, Fissure, Heat Wave, SolarBeam
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