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    Originally Posted by MarinoKadame View Post
    For the type I mean pokemon type like Bug, Flying, etc. Changing their weaknesses and resistance. And maybe if someone made some progress maybe be able to add new types. Also it's possible with your tool to add a second type for different form ? Like having a surfing pikachu with Electric/Water instead of only Electric.
    Well, for now, you can change pokemon's type. DS Pokémon Editor is able to do that. You can have a Water/Electric Pikachu, but you can't have a surfing pikachu. For that, I need to implement the Moveset Editor in DS Pokémon Editor!
    Originally Posted by Pike15
    How is it going with making them combatible with hg ss??
    For now, only DS Text Editor is compatible. These days I'll release Beta 0.5 of DS Text Editor, with these new features:
    -Text Search function
    -Improved decoding speed
    -Simpler text format
    And some bugfix.
    After I'll release this, I'll quickly update my programs for working on NARC files, because it's safer and ... (see the reason 6 posts before )
    So, I'll make them compatible with HG/SS

    Beta 0.5 of DS Text Editor has been released!!!!
    If you want, you can download it!
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