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Done :D

NAME: Fiona Cole

GENDER: Female

AGE: 16

Fiona stands at about 5’7 and a half, her weight fluctuating around 137-142 pounds. She’s a redhead, but not necessarily a ginger. Her face is absent of freckles, and her skin is far from pale white. Her hair flows softly down the edges of her face, reaching down to her shoulders and resting there. She only keeps this style at formal events or something of the sort(or when she can’t be bothered to tie her hair up). For a more casual look, Fiona wraps her hair up in a ponytail. Her eyes are a vibrant, light brown, in a sense, her eyes look like they shine. She has a soft, gentle smile, including a dimple, not a pair, but one on the right side of her face.

Fiona’s not necessarily petite, nor is she thick. She’s more lean than anything. Keeping her body in great condition, her legs are somewhat muscular and defined and much to her pleasure, she has decent curves for the most part. A hidden tattoo can be found on the entirety of her left arm. It’s design, a vine, lightning, and a ocean wave, cycle around her arm, starting from the top of her shoulder and ending at her wrist.

CLOTHING: Fiona’s usual attire consists of a black one sleeved shirt; the sleeve being a long sleeve(to cover her tattoo) and a pair of fitted white shorts. Green tinted aviator shades hang from the neck of top. Along with her ponytail look, a pink, adjustable curved brim cap is worn, with her ponytail poking out from the provided space. She’s a non-believer when it comes to socks, wearing brown moccasins sockless. An old hand-me-down satchel bag hangs from her shoulder and rests upon her bottom, the strap running down the front of her body containing six slots for pokeballs. Five of them are vacant.

It takes a lot for Fiona to get irritated, at least when it comes to people, plus shes not the competitive type. But at the same time she probably keeps his actual emotions bottled inside him. Thus, when alone, her threshold for annoyance is rather thin, unless of course, she works it off. For the most part, she appears to be somewhat of an optimist, but at times, can be somewhat neutral about things, not taking an optimistic or pessimistic viewpoint. If she ever does insult somebody, which rarely happens, at least in person, Fiona tends to use the most awkward slew of words to do so. This, Fiona believe, lightens up the mood a little bit so afterwards its not necessarily a heated or uncomfortable environment. Fiona tends to make a lot of early judgements about people, usually only in her head though. But it only rarely affects how she interacts with others because well, it’s not really who they are, right(sometimes)? Anyone she meets and befriends, usually become important to her straight off the bat, like they were a long-time friend. Also, Fiona is somewhat of an opportunist, if nobody’s going to get, she’s totally willing to take advantage of people.

Fiona likes to learn, but she likes to learn through experience, not books and crap. She loves to hear gossip and whatnot, but honestly, she doesn’t know what to do with it. She wouldn’t feel right if she helped spread it, Fiona just likes knowing the currents and things similar. Awkwardness is something Fiona enjoys, it’s somewhat funny, at least when she’s not a victim of it. To spur awkwardness, sometimes she walks around, spanking people at random. No preset victims, if you’re chosen, you’re chosen. Although most people wouldn’t guess it, Fiona likes to get her hands dirty and do actual field work, the thing is after she’s done she just has to get clean or else she’ll like die.

DISLIKES: Fiona has a strong distaste for book learning, her attention span when it comes to stationery activities is so small, you couldn’t even like represent it with visuals. She has a few pet peeves; people unwilling to get a little bit dirty, and people that always try to make a contest out of something, like can’t you just chill out and have fun?

Born in Fuschia City, as the daughter of two, which soon after became one. It’s complicated, her mother had died shortly after giving birth. Reasons as to why or how were never disclosed to Fiona, her father didn’t deem it necessary and she eventually stopped asking. Due to this complication, her father had two options, either quit his job, which paid him a great sum of money, or take his daughter with him to work until he could find a babysitter. Unfortunately, well it actually turned out pretty good, but he was unable to find a proper sitter for Fiona. Thus, at her early age, that could be measured in months and weeks, she was exposed to pokemon. Which really just guided her sense of interests for future years.

What did her father’s job have to do with exposing her to pokemon you may ask? Fiona’s dad played a vital role in the Safari Zone. He would come every morning, usually bringing Fiona along attached to his back, and check to make sure all the pokemon were fine and suitable for trainer’s safety at the expense of his and his daughter’s. In some rare cases, things did get considerably dangerous. Rampaging Tauros, overprotective Kangaskhan, territorial pokemon and the like. When she was old enough to talk and walk, her father stopped carry her on his back, infact, usually they got to ride around in a mini cart! Usually, she never participated in actual field work and just looked on while her father did everything.

On rare occasion though, when she was around nine years old there was an unusual amount of littered pokeballs among the Safari Zone. So much so that pokemon could no longer roam for the fear of accidentally setting off a pokeball and being captured. Around that, most of the Safari’s pokemon were relocated, and the Zone itself temporarily closed. Her father, respectively, was assigned the job of cleaning up the mess, Fiona saw the opportunity to actually participate and after pleading and begging, her father allowed for her to help.

Whilst cleaning up the pokeballs, there was one particular pokeball, that Fiona had accidentally stepped and slipped on. Strangely enough, it contained a pokemon inside it because after she had accidently triggered it, a Doduo had instantly appeared before her. Being naive and young, Fiona had no idea whether to be scared or what. Instead, she just poked the bird in one of its head, it returned the poke and sooner than later, they were engaged within an intense poke war. The Doduo was obviously winning due to it’s unfair advantage of having dual heads. She eventually got tired of their little game, and it was starting to hurt, Fiona was covered all over in marks and scratches, she was even bleeding from of her cheeks. After its victory, the Doduo surprisingly bent down, prompting Fiona to mount it. She did, but not before picking up it’s pokeball, and around they rode until they ran into her father. Of course, due to her roughed up face, her father at first was reluctant to allow her to keep the pokemon, but after hours of pleading, she finally annoyed him enough to get him to say yes! Unfortunately, that broke employee policies, causing her father to get fired about a week later.

Luckily enough for them, her father had a backup job, but it required them moving to Cinnabar. They had no other choice, so they packed their bags, and moved into a family friend’s house, renting out two guest rooms. Live wasn’t necessarily hard to adjust, she didn’t go to school, but spent most of her time playing and messing around with Doduo. She was no longer involved in her father’s work, so little so that she didn’t even know what his new profession was.

About two years ago, her father and the house’s owner/family friend went off on this traveling expedition, exploring every single region known to the poke-universe. She didn’t want to come along, it was like something just told her to stay. Of course, this did give her the perfect opportunity to get this tattoo that she wanted. Feeling that 14 was too young, she waited until the night of her 15th birthday, using the money her father had sent back home, to get her tat. Now honestly, it really holds no meaning towards it other than it looking cool. Come on, it’s a goddamn triple helix consisting of vines, electricity and an ocean wave! Besides, seeing as she hasn’t burn down the house or something stupid in two whole years, she kind of deserves some lee-way to get a meaningless tattoo, right? But, her father has no idea about it, and if he did oh boy, that’d be hell.



RP sample
Marty sat down for a rest, he had just left Professor Elm’s laboratory and wasn’t too sure on what was next on his agenda. He reached into his hoodie’s pocket, rummaging through his newly acquired pokeballs and dex. “Aha!” Marty pulled out a ticket, “Prof. Elm said this was important... I wonder why?” He took a good look at the ticket, nothing but blue and white. Marty gave a puzzled look. Suddenly a thought occurred to him, he flipped the ticket over, revealing that it granted access to a ship, the SS Libra. It was to arrive at Cherrygrove City, and soon. He slipped the ticket in the fold of his beanie, fearing if he put it back in his pocket it would fall out. If memory served right, Marty would be able to get directly to Cherrygrove if he followed the path of Route 29. But before any of that, he had to get acquainted to his new friend.

Since he received it from Elm, Marty hadn’t even released his Teddiursa. But now was the the time to do it, reaching into his pocket once more, he pulled out a pokeball that was larger than the rest. He clicked it, a red beam of light shot out releasing his new friend. The bear pokemon cried out joyfully as it was released, it eyes sparkled with curiosity as it looked around. Its eyes set on Marty, with its hands placed against its mouth, it walked over cautiously towards Marty. He stretched out both hands towards his new companion. “Hey there.” He tried to speak in a soft, welcoming tone. The Teddiursa hesitated, but then joyfully cried out once more before throwing itself against Marty’s body. Marty couldn’t help but smile, he took a good look at Teddiursa, noticing the crescent on its forehead. He instantly clutched the pendent concealed beneath his hoodie, just the image of the crescent brought back memories that Marty wished to bury. His pokemon looked up at him with worry, sensing something was odd.

“It’s nothing.” Marty smiled gently, as he rubbed the back of Teddiursa’s ears. “Right, well you do need a nickname...” The thought made Teddiursa’s head tilt in confusion. “Hey! How about Archer?” Teddiursa contemplated the name for a second before it nodded his head in agreement. Marty placed his hand underneath his chin, tipping it up. “Alright then, Archer. Let’s go!” Marty jumped up and began to walk, beckoning Archer to follow his lead. In a hurry, Archer bolted up and caught up with Marty, he attached himself to Marty’s sweats, clinging to him as they walked.

They had only been walking for a short period of time before Archer began tugging on his pants. Caught off guard, Marty nearly fell over as he turned towards Archer. “What’s up buddy?” Archer pointed off in the distance with a worried look upon its face. Marty looked over at what his Teddiursa was concerned about. He spotted a panicked Caterpie, tied down by some sort of webbing. Yards away he noticed a Spinarak, approaching the Caterpie, its prey. As the spider crawled closer to the caterpillar pokemon, Archer, in a panic, picked up a nearby pebble and launched it at the spider. Dead. On. Target. The spider-pokemon became momentarily stunned.

The Spinarak became extremely agitated, and turned its attention towards Marty and Archer, completely ignoring its previous target, the Caterpie. “Well your heart’s in the right place...” Marty sighed, he would either have to battle or flee. He already decided, Marty pulled the pokedex out of his pocket.

“Alright, I need to check your moves Archer... “

The pokedex beeped, “Teddiursa knows Fake Tears and Counter.”

“WHAT!?” Marty shouted so loud that he nearly scared Archer, “NO OFFENSIVE MOVES!?” He couldn’t believe it, Archer wouldn’t even be able to attack. The Spinarak decided to take advantage of their little dilemma and launched an arrow full of poison towards the both of them. Archer was frozen in fear, if he didn’t move he would surely be hit directly from the move. Instinctively, Marty grabbed Archer, held him to his chest and ran for it. They had no choice but to flee, the only move that could’ve dealt any damage was Counter, and from what Marty saw, that poison sting was no physical move. After they had run for a considerable amount, they three fourths of the way through route 29. Marty came to a rest against a nearby tree, Archer was still holding on, it’s arms wrapped around Marty’s neck.

“Hey Archer, it’s all okay now, we’re safe.” Marty was panting hard in between words, but he gave Archer a reassuring smile as he pried him off his neck. Unsure, Archer looked around almost anxiously, after seeing the coast was clear, Archer cried out happily at its trainer. “ The duo began walking, hoping to get to Cherrygrove in due time. Archer made itself comfortable in Marty’s hood, sometimes peeking over Marty’s head to get a view.

“Right, well we shou-, Woah!” Suddenly, Marty came toppling forward nearly landing face first. Archer had jumped off, using Marty’s head as a jumpstart. He looked back at where he had tripped, a rock had just sprung to life, showing off its feet and whatever the heck was on its head. “What the heck is this?” Marty was confused and slightly aggravated, he pulled out his pokedex, revealing to him that what tripped him was a Roggenrola. It glared at Marty at least he thought it did, wait was that even an eye!? Archer, in the meantime, had stepped in between the two, willing to protect its trainer and redeem himself for what had happened with the Spinarak. Marty regained his composure and slowly got up, “Hey Archer, you wanna battle that pokemon?” Looking back at Marty, the Teddiursa nodded and in the least threatening way, “roared” at the Roggenrola. In retaliation, the rock pokemon pointed it’s head, stick thingy at the duo in a menacing(not really) manner.

The Roggenrola charged at Archer, still pointing. “Alright, a physical move, that’s great! Archer use Counter!” As the Roggenrola made contact with Archer, the bear began to glow with a white aurora surrounding it. It cried out, not in fear or nervousness, but in excitement. Almost instantly, the rock type was thrown back, landed awkwardly on it’s head. In anger, it got shot right back up. Once more, it charged at Archer recklessly, inspired by its fury.

“Again? Archer, use Counter again!” It was like deja vu, the Roggenrola was sent back once more, this time the impact had been more powerful, meaning the counter was more powerful than before. Archer’s opponent was landed on its backside, causing it to roll back and forth trying to get back on its feet. It was kind of awkward watching it, both Marty and Archer exchanged looks that expressed -What now?-. Marty walked over to the Roggenrola, lending a helping hand, he lifted it up to its feet. Knowing it was defeated, the rock type walked off and away, almost like it was embarrassed. Marty gave a half smile, he had no intention of capturing that pokemon and decided to let it go. Turning back to Archer, Marty picked him up and lifted him to face level.

“Fantastic job, buddy. You won your first pokemon battle.” Archer flung his arms into the air in celebration. Marty laughed and Archer made it’s way back to Marty’s hood. “Alright, let’s go! Onwards to Cherrygrove... Hopefully we aren’t late.” Archer had moved from his trainer’s hood, to his shoulders. Wrapping its arms around Marty’s neck, Archer began to lick the behind of his trainer’s ears, sensing the smell of something sweet on it. “Hey! What the heck do you think you’re doing??” Marty and his pokemon both laughed, enjoying the moment.