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Haha. I realized what I forgot. Age! Please put age into your SU :3 Preferably somewhere between 13-17, thank you.

NAME: Auryn Reins

GENDER: Female

AGE: 14
BODY: Auryn is tiny, measuring 160 cm and weighing 47 kg. She keeps healthy by eating almost nothing but seafood and vegetables as well as running around in the outdoors at all times. Flowing down alongside her petite figure is her incredibly long hair. It is black as a raven and reaches down almost to her knees, being wavy and wild but still shiny in an almost blue way.

Her complexion is as pale as they come, but still most often has a healthy pink tint to it, especially on her cheeks. Not a single freckle dot her though, and she hasn't managed to find any birthmarks on her whole body. Her face is round, as is her nose, and her eyes are big and also round, with naturally dark eyelashes and a striking emerald color. Her front teeth are somewhat too large which shows when she smiles. Despite being so tiny, she has got enough muscles to be energetic and quick, with great reflexes and balance.

CLOTHING: Auryn will wear a black, rather short but wide and simple dress on her journey, with thin straps and some frill. Under that, she will wear leggings of varying colors, like red, green and blue depending on the mood and occasion. Her shoes are black ballet flats. Over the dress, she wears a long, gray coat. One significant part of her attire is her very big and round, glasses. They are a bit too big for her but they sit nicely in her thick hair behind her ears and they used to belong to her father so she really loves them. She doesn't even need glasses for real; there is not even any glass in them!

She also wears a pendant around her neck in a brown leather strip. It's an amulet for luck, and it's a light brown and white seashell that she found when she was playing at the beach with her mother some time, many years ago. For her stuff, she will carry a relatively large brown backpack.
PERSONALITY: Auryn is spontaneous, energetic and active, but not in a loud and annoying way. She can never sit still for long and has seldom watched a movie or TV series in her life. Speaking ill of others would never occur to her, which is why she tends to get very disappointed and even sad when people do bad things that could actually justify speaking ill of them. Normally, she doesn't ponder things for long though, and can forgive them very easily. She is not the person to wish for things and dream a lot to no avail; if she wants something, she makes sure to get there. This activeness together with her genuine naivety has earned her the place as the class clown, even though other candidates could do a more self-conscious job.

Her upbringing with her aunt Lucia has made her value different things in life than most 14 year olds do. She has never tried to wear make up and even if she does think about love sometimes, it's always in the platonic romantic way and never about what she could actually do with a boy. She wouldn't even know what to think about. Instead, she loves to spend time outdoors in the nature and see beautiful views and play in secret with her friend Remoraid.

She has got some friends in school, but they aren't very close as most find her too odd to bother with. She wears strangely colorful clothes most of the time and is generally too naive and oblivious to who is popular and who is not. Plus, doesn't she seem to smell like fish pretty often? This makes Remoraid the only real friend she has. Beside her aunt, of course.

INTERESTS: Above everything else, Auryn feels good when she is outdoors. She might not look like she's suited - or even dressed - for a life under the stars, but she feels like her body is starting to itch if she is indoors for too long.

Like with the seashell pendant, she likes to collect small, beautiful things. It can be pebbles, pieces of junk, flowers or things like that. She keeps whole shelves of collected stuff in her room.

A calm day is almost boring for Auryn. She likes when the wind blows and the rain falls. She loves when the sun shines strongly and cute clouds dot the sky. She likes when something happens and the nature shows its dramatic ways through weather.

Remoraid is her primary playmate and she is always eager to compete for fun or invent new games to get some exhilarating feelings. It's not winning that matters, it's the game itself!

DISLIKES: Sitting still was never her good quality. She starts feeling itchy and annoyed if she is motionless for too long, unless she is sleeping of course. She has been known to walk in her sleep though...

Auryn dislikes when people say bad things about others, and therefore she really dislikes when people do bad things and actually deserve getting spoken ill off. She also disapproves of rancorous people though, and easily forgets trouble herself.

Crying is to her unnecessary, but she has done it on occasions. Normally she bottles up sad feelings, so when they do come out, she can get really emotional and crying. Which she doesn't feel comfortable with.

HISTORY: Auryn was born in Vermilion City, as the first daughter to two loving parents. The father was an office worker in Saffron City and went there every day. The mother was a teacher at a local kindergarten. The first years of Auryn's life were happy and nothing special happened. Not until the fateful day when a tidal wave swept the Reins boat away and drowned the parents. Auryn, not more than five years old, survived and was washed ashore thanks to a group of Remoraid that she could cling onto. The newly orphaned girl didn't fully understand the severity of the situation, but she got sent to Cinnabar Island, to live with her mother's sister, Lucia Reins.

Lucia lived in an old lighthouse building on the outskirts of Cinnabar Town. Her values in life differed from most other people's, and Auryn was now brought up as a slightly peculiar child. She always wore clothes that looked strange to other children, because her aunt with her special taste picked clothes for her. She didn't own a computer or TV because her aunt believed that those machines would only dull your brain or make your eyes turn square shaped. She didn't play any sports, but she knew a huge number of bizarre games and ways to have fun that her aunt had thought her, using the forest and the cliffs near the lighthouse and beach as the setting. Auryn turned into a clever, alert and creative soul who didn't care much what people said about her because her aunt said that if you never speak ill of others, they would have no real reason to speak ill of you either.

Unfortunately, her healthy and odd lifestyle had its downsides too. She became naive and even clueless about things that would seem obvious to others. Like love between a man and a woman, because her aunt didn't think that stuff was appropriate for Auryn to think about. Politics and TV shows were other areas where she was completely lost. Another area could have been pokémon training. Lucia didn't even own a pokémon. She regarded them as useful beasts and fairies that nursed the Earth and lived their own lives, but she didn't think humans were meant to interact with them. And certainly not meant to force them to battle, or live with them! Here, though, Auryn's mind worked on its own.

She had been nervous and lost when she moved to Cinnabar. She made new friends in school and even though she grew up to be regarded as an oddball, she wasn't downright despised or laughed at. Well, maybe she was sometimes laughed at, but that was because she had accepted her role as the class clown and actually laughed with them quite often. But she felt a bit alone, like nobody really understood her. She didn't really understand herself, and wondered if she should be feeling more sad than she did over the loss of her parents.

One day when she was 9 years old, she was playing alone on the beach. Well, mostly she was thinking. Then, she noticed a pokémon washed up on shore. A Remoraid. It awokened a memory inside her, the memory of some Remoraid saving her life in the accident. She tossed the pokémon back into sea. It didn't even seem happy or thankful and just swam away, but nevertheless Auryn had repaid the help now, she thought. But after that, she started feeling watched when she was on the beach. Eventually, she realized that the Remoraid hadn't left. Whenever she went down to the beach, it was there waiting for her, watching her play with its expressionless face. So Auryn finally began playing with it.

It didn't take long for the two of them to realize that they needed each other. Auryn now had a friend who always listened, even though it most of the time was hard to tell if he really cared. Eventually she learned to read the little expressions his fish face actually did, and she discovered that he was actually quite the smart fish. She didn't tell Lucia about this because she knew her aunt wouldn't approve. But as it became suspicious when she started going to the beach more often, she knew she needed to find some other solution for being able to meet with Remoraid. So she started carrying him.

Under her arm, as if she was carrying a thin barrel there, she walked around with him. Remoraid was at first terrified of being out of the water, but he soon learned that it didn't really kill him. He seemed to be breathing air just as well as water anyways. Eventually, he even learned to jump around on the ground to get around, even though he preferred being carried around by the human girl.

One day, Ambella Coal accidentally met them when they were playing in the forest. She promised not to say anything to anyone about Auryn having a pokémon, but she didn't understand why it was so important. Then came the day when Ambella needed trainers for her mission. She thought of Auryn and her great bond with the unusual Remoraid and went to the lighthouse to talk to Lucia. When Auryn came home and found them talking, her aunt was fuming, having just learned that Auryn had been sneaking around behind her back with a pokémon. Ambella managed to calm them down though, and explained to Lucia that she needed the girl and her pokémon. Finally, Lucia agreed after Ambella had promised to pay her too.

So with a worried sick aunt and a land-jumping Remoraid who has only recently seen the inside of a pokéball for the first time, a naive little girl starts her journey to catch 'em all. Or at least find them. Or at least some of them.
SPECIES: Remoraid

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