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    Victoria Stone

    Victoria wasn’t really sure what was happening around her. One second Pixie lunged with murderous intent at the Vigoroth, the next Damion had come out of nowhere to her aid. She had never been so happy to see the strange man before. His voice and mannerisms were soothing as he placed his hand on her side, his attempt at trying to apply pressure. Any prejudgment she had against him the night prior, had completely melted away.

    The pain was horrendous, the wound deeper than she had previously thought. She tried to act tough and wave Damion off, her hand coated in her own blood as she did so. “I’m...I’m okay,” she lied to him. It wasn’t just the initial rupture of the wound, but the lingering burn. Like somebody had a hot knife and jammed it into her side. Each flare up brought a new muffled scream as she tried to clench her teeth. So much for her Pokemon needing a potion. Cursing herself silently, she tried to walk toward the beach where Vincent had run off to.

    She reached for her side as the searing pain roared back again. “Damnit!” She screamed, Pixie rushed to her side, licking her with her Vigoroth blood stained muzzle. The beach wasn’t that far away, hopefully Vincent would be back soon. He left Flare to watch over them, her steely gaze surveying the area for any new threats. Flare had looked sad at her trainer’s leaving, just like any good Pokemon. It was evident however, that she took her assignment very seriously. Victoria was comforted by the great fox’s presence. All this fuss over her, she wondered if the others were okay. Damion looked ok, but she couldn’t tell about Vincent before he ran off. She worried about him running through the forest alone, Pokemonless. Ace was at the beach and Flare with them. At least, those were the only Pokemon she ever saw with him.

    She made her way back to Damion and leaned against him. Normally, she would never have done such a thing, she wasn’t overly fond of strange people touching her. Vincent had done so on occasion, but never had she truly had to lean on someone. Gritting her teeth, she looked to Damion. “I guess we should try to get to the beach?”
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