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    Lavender Vance
    Gneiss Town


    Lavender huffed and glared back at Drowzee. She was not happy with her Pokemon, and she knew that Richard had said she was stuck with it, plus at this point all the other Pokemon were probably taken anyway. "what are you glaring at me for?" she said putting her hands on her hips.

    Drowzee just kept glaring at her before turning his back to her "Drow..Zee. Drowzee"

    Lavender frowned and huffed again calling Drowzee back. "fine, if your going to be like that" After returning Drowzee Lavender sighed and made her way back down the hill. Amberlyn had told her there were some Pokemon that could be found around town, so she was going to look around. "Maybe, I'll find a cute Pokemon around here"

    Walking around for a few minutes Lavender finally spotted something moving around in the bushes. "what do we have here" she whispered moving closer to see a Purrloin. "oh my gosh! It's sooo cute" she squealed happily startling the Purrloin who turned to look at her curiously. Calling Drowzee back out she pulled out her P*DA pointing it at Drowzee. "what moves does he know?" she asked the machine.

    The P*DA beeped and spoke in a voice that reminded her of Morgan Freeman "Drowzee is level 10 and knows Confusion, Disable, and Signal Beam."

    Lavender smiled. "Alright Drowzee, use Confusion on Purrloin" she ordered.

    Drowzee glanced back at her a bored expression on his face, and shocking his trainer he turned back to Purrloin...and did nothing at all.

    "Drowzee, come on" Lavender whined as Purrloin seeing that Drowzee wasn't gonna listen to his trainer ran forward and scratched Drowzee with it's claws making Drowzee flinch.

    "Drowzee, use Confusion" Lavender tried again, Drowzee though was frowning at Purrloin, and instead of using confusion a pink, light blue, and yellow ball formed between his hands and a beam of the same three colors slammed right into Purrloin making it skid back and yowl unhappily. Purrloin then let out a loud growl and it's claws glowed slightly before it ran forward and slashed Drowzee with it's claws again.

    "Drowzee, use Signal Beam again!" Lavender called out, this time Drowzee yawned bored and fell asleep making Lavenders eyes go wide. "Drowzee, wake up!" she yelled annoyed at her Pokemon. Now she really was wishing she got a better Pokemon, one that would actually listen to her.

    Purrloin looked at Drowzee and tilted it's head before running forward and using Scratch again knocking Drowzee onto his back, though it did wake Drowzee up.

    "Drow! Zee! Drowzee!" Drowzee said angrily before his eyes glowed blue and the same blue glow surrounded Purrloin and the wild Pokemon stumbled slightly confused.

    "G-Great Drowzee" Lavender said frowning as her Pokemon glared at her again. Purrloin tried to use Scratch again on Drowzee but ended up hurting itself.

    "Purr. Loin, Purrloin" Purrloin said stumbling more.

    "Drowzee use..." Lavender started only to be cut off as Drowzee used Signal Beam without prompt and the attack slammed into Purrloin again.

    "Great now use Disable Drowzee" Lavender said but sighed as she was ignored by the Pokemon, all Drowzee did was sit down on the ground and stare at Purrloin. The Purrloin meanwhile had hurt itself with scratch again in it's confusion, and Lavender sighed throwing a Pokeball at Purrloin, who was pulled into the Pokeball, Lavender held her breath as she watched it shake.

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