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    -People who absolutely hate the older generations. I know all of you whine about the Gen. I fans, but the Gen. V fans are even worse. You can't mention that you dislike Gen. V around one of them without hearing "YOU'RE A FAT GENWUNER HOO LIVS IN MOM'S BASEMENT!!!11".

    -People who think that the awful Pokemon Anime is actually a good show. It's not. It's an incoherent, childish mess that lacks basic plot and structure. It's infested with boring, predictable characters, and even in it's early days, it was still bad.

    -Pokemon purists. The ones who think that the only good RPGs are the Pokemon games, and that every other RPG deserves to burn in hell. These imbeciles also think that the Pokemon anime is the "B3ST3ST 4N1M3 3V4R!!!11", and that any trading card game besides Pokemon is a ripoff.
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