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    Welcome to the Kenbi Region.

    Based off the region name meaning "Combining two" in Japanese, I have decided to create gym leaders with dual/type specialties

    (Haven't inserted names yet, nor will this be the order of the finished product)

    (Eggnite, Moskit, Luvlud, Veiniac, Fleaf, Stemite, Fortunit, Pippinip, Vipening, Forbitten, Tweatwave, Glowhawk, Stardinal, Reefish, Mockbottom, Clamoflauge, Raftail, Skailboat, Stormera)


    Title: "The Temptress in the Grass"
    Trainer Classification: Grass/Poison Gym Leader
    Name Origin: Garden of Eden
    Signature Pokemon: Forbitten (Grass/Poison)
    Other Pokemon: Bloomink (Grass), Vipening (Grass/Poison), and Fleaf (Bug/Grass)
    Hometown: Harvestown
    Badge: Ivy Badge

    Background: Eden is a natural survivalist and environmentalist.
    She lives in a community that is off-the-grid and self-sufficient
    from fossil fuels, modern devices, and other materials that are
    destructive to the environment.


    Title: "The First Man on the Sun"
    Trainer Classification: Fire/Flying Gym Leader
    Name Origin: NASA Space Mission and God of the Sun
    Signature Pokemon: Stardinal (Fire/Flying)
    Other Pokemon: Lunaloon (Flying, Rock), Glauxhawk (Fire/Flying), and Tamiroast (Fire)
    Hometown: Estrellia City
    Badge: Star Badge

    Background: Apollo is an astronaut and specializes
    in astronomy. He discovered and transplanted several Pokemon
    species from other planets, and found his most prized Pokemon
    from the surface of the Sun.


    Title: "The Man who Jump-Starts Mechanical Hearts"
    Trainer Classification: Electric/Steel Gym Leader
    Name Origin: Thunder Bolt and Steel Bolt
    Signature Pokemon: Locomotort (Electric/Steel)
    Other Pokemon: Ampster (Electric), Twiskers (Steel), and Choochu (Electric/Steel)
    Hometown: Accellent City
    Badge: Battery Badge

    Background: Bolt is a toy maker that aspires to give
    life to artificial intelligence. He sells his toy Pokemon for
    a high profit; however, he invests his money into his research
    and enrichment of his thriving industrial city.


    Title: "Mother and son, bonded by love, not death"
    Trainer Classification: Normal and Ghost Gym Leaders
    Name Origin: Vivian (Living) and Grim (unfortunate, dark)
    Signature Pokemon:
    Vivian: Angorgeous (Angora Rabbit) and Fashound (Poodle)
    Grim: Yarnage (Voodoo Cat) and Equeskull (Skeletal Horse)
    Other Pokemon: none
    Hometown: Poshington Heights
    Badge: Bone Badge

    Background: Vivian and her son Grim performed Pokemon show-contests. Unfortunately, Grim died after suffering from bone cancer. Vivian refused to perform in the competitions and became depressed as a result, spending most of her time in the graveyard visiting her son. However, Grim befriended his Pokemon in the Graveyard that helped guide him to mortal world. The mother/son team now compete in competitions and show-contests.

    Credit to:
    Doran-Dragon from DA for the type symbols.
    Bigrika for the Pokedex Template

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