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Hey everyone, as you can tell I'm new here to the PokeCommunity. I prompted myself to join a Pokemon community forum since I recently tracked down and bought some of my childhood memories. I decided to collect everything I played with as a child, that includes of course, my favorite Pokemon games. My collection consists of a factory sealed N64, a factory sealed Super Smash Bros. for the N64 (Not player's choice), as well as a factory sealed Mario Kart 64. Though the N64 is such a great possession being as nice as it is, I take pride in my GBA SP and my Pokemon Leaf Green and Pokemon Emerald games. They are also factory sealed. I did buy Pokemon Leaf Green and Pokemon Emerald used as well because I wanted to play them so badly.

Enough bragging, as you can see my favorite Pokemon EVER is Ralts. I love how powerful Ralts is. When you find a Ralts they are generally around level 5. I love that for such a low level Pokemon it can become so powerful. Learning Confusion at level 9 makes it a tough opponent to any competitors who stand in its path.

Favorite Generations: 1-3

I look forward to being an active member here on the PokeCommunity!

--Ralts Love
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