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    Vincent Rugulo
    "Goldenrod wasn't built in a day"

    I wouldn't be the first Executive to build his own criminal empire from the ground up, but I was certainly the best equipped to actually make it last for longer than a few months. Several things must be in place before the plan for the beginning of the foundation of such a grand organization could be built. First and most importantly is the suit. The thing about suits is, its all about the material. Every suit sends a message, gives you an aura of sorts, each pokemon's leather says something. So when an Executive has to find a suit, its a careful process. Find a tailor that accepted an offer of friendship, and find the right pokemon to use that sends the right message. Eevee fur would make a nice leather, and sends the right message: "Be my friend, you wouldn't want to be my enemy, cause I'm very adaptable." After waiting a few hours, I had a brand new suit made from fresh Eevee. Brown, with a white trim, with a white tie and brown penny loafers.

    Next, every Executive needed to properly train their pokemon, they will often be enforcers, extensions of their will. Couldn't collect a payment? Send the Alakazam. Need to break up a street fight or petty punk gang war that's scaring off clients? Sick the Machamp on them. Some snot nosed brat waltz's into the Game Corner acting like he's Kanto Champion Red or Johto Champion Gold? Let the Dragonite teach him a lesson he won't forget when he wakes up. "Let's see what you can do Micheal." The Tynamo seems to have been well bred, being 10 inches instead of the standard 8. Plus a move like Leech Seed is intresting for a Tynamo. "Now listen Micheal, we can be friends, the best. Just one catch: My word is law. What I say will be done to the letter, down to the most mundane of details. In exchange for your obedience, you will be treated to a life of luxury, you can have anything and everything a little Tynamo could want. Hell, when you evolve and if your species is shown to have the intelligence, you can have your own piece of my empire to control, with limits of course. Do we understand eachother?" One trick when working with young first stage pokemon: Do not treat them like babies, they are much more intelligent and way deadlier. Micheal's enthusiastic nod and reply of "Tynamomo" assured me that he recognized his purpose.

    Things seem to be looking up pretty quickly for me, however, one thing Cinnabar Tech taught me in "Intro to Politics" was that Goldenrod wasn't built in a day. Time was my ally for now.
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