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    Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
    Hey dude, welcome! I love that you love Ralts; it's one of those off-beat Pokemon that not many people would think about so it makes you special. I also actually had no idea Ralts could be so good. When I was first playing through Ruby and Sapphire, I saw Ralts and thought "that looks weird and weak, I can't have that on my team" and then moved on to find an Elekid or something haha. If (no, when! WHEN) the Ruby and Sapphire remakes come out, a Ralts will probably be on my shopping list now
    Haha, yeah you should definitely get a Ralts ASAP. They're so useful throughout the entire game. It doesn't start to become worthless like some Pokemon do, some can become weak by the time you reach the Elite Four because they have no more moves to learn, and everyone they fight is better than them. Not Ralts though! I've used Ralts all the way through Emerald back in 2005, and now that I re-purchased a Pokemon Emerald, I'm already training it up. I'm actually surprised how quickly I caught it this time. It was one of the first Pokemon I encountered, and the chance of finding one is "Rare" according to the Pokemon Wikia. It can only be found on Route 102.
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