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    Hello everyone! It is currently 2 am and i have something i really wanna discuss. Ok, here i go. Back in 2003 i was devastated when i found out my precious 1st and 2nd gen Pokemon could not be transferred to my first Pokemon Ruby game. I got over it once i played Ruby and enjoyed it so much however. I played Ruby nonstop(400+ hours on it). When LG/FR came out i got Leafgreen and was so excited to be able to get the first gen Pokemon i never could get on Ruby! Lastly, around 2005 i believe i got Emerald and played that...ALOT(700+ hours). Finally in 2007 I got what i thought was the best thing ever, a somewhat 3D Pokemon game, Pokemon Pearl. Once i finished the game i brought all my Pokemon from Ruby, Leafgreen, and Emerald. I was so excited to see my good old Pokemon on my new game :'). With Platinum and Heartgold, i actually took the time to catch hundreds of hoothoots/starlys to trade my Pokemon over, because i hated the fact knowing my old pals were stuck on a game i didn't play as much anymore. Finally, when Black came out i waited months before i gave in and bought it. I finished it and used the PokeTransfer to once again, bring back my old Pokemon. Lately, i have been thinking, if anything EVER happened to my current save file(Pokemon Black for this instance) i actually wouldn't know what to do. This sounds silly as after all..Pokemon is a game and the actual creatures are pixels on a screen...why am i so attached? I feel as if i would just quit Pokemon forever. I am super careful with my stuff, but you never know.It just makes me scared thinking about it. Anyways, for anyone who actually read this entire post, thank you, i wanted to get this off my chest. So, i want to know if anyone else does this. Do you bring your 7-9 year old Pokemon with you, or leave them in the dust? Do you do anything special to make sure your current file is never corrupted/ruined? Please let me know.
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