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- People whom go into arguments that state their opinion as fact. These people think from their perspective it must be the right thing because they said it was. This pokemon is better just cause, or this character is absolutely rubbish. State something to substantiate your claims otherwise they are just baseless.

- I don't mind people that prefer one generation over the other. Not everyone is going to like the same thing. I just don't care for the people that choose to bash everything and anything about a said generation they just don't like. We get it you can voice your opinion, but at some point your negative on a matter is just too much for anyone to fathom or care to hear.

- Competitive battlers that accentuate their self importance. Whip de do you ranked up on a leader board nor you should broadcast your arrogance to the masses. Honestly people are we supposed to care you are the best battler? It's all good in nice and it is something to be proud about, but not at the people were you have a huge ego which is what some competitive battlers have.

- Habituation complainers annoy me quite a lot. They complain about the same issue yet it doesn't get solved. Like "I disdain the Anime they should remove Ash". Or "I want a Pokemon Special adoption, cause the current sux". Yes we have year this already. Or habituation stuff in general "Oh noes I need a Pokemon MMO or I need every region in one game."

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