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Episode One
Fred Sone - Pallet Town

The sun was shining outside, a light breeze whirled the leaves on the ground and in short it was a perfect day to leave home and start an incredible journey on. Fred hesitated, though. One hand on the doorknob and his bag in the other, he took a deep breath before he finally was about to step outside his house and go to the Academy's lab wing...


His father startled him and almost made him fall over. Mr Sone came up to Fred in the hallway and cleared his throat importantly, which made Fred raise an eyebrow.

"I have decided to give you a gift for your journey."

"Oh? What is it?"

The father smiled a real dentist smile and took forth what he was holding behind his back. A camera. Fred's lips curved into a genuinely happy smile too now. It wasn't one of those bulky, huge things that his father normally carried around and used for work. It was a compact camera, but knowing his father it was probably pretty good anyways.

"Photo's are memo-"

"And memories are you. Yeah, yeah. So you want me to take pictures when I'm traveling and sent them as postcards home?"

"No! I want you to take pictures for yourself and watch them from time to time. I included a huge memory card in this, and here's a case with another memory card tucked inside. You'll have enough space to photograph anything interesting you see." As he handed Fred the gifts, he leaned in closer with a serious look that unnerved the son. "CHERISH YOUR MEMORIES."

Then he leaned back with his wide smile again, just as Mrs Sone appeared in the hallway.

"Fred, I can't believe that you're really going! There are so many more things you could do in life-"

"If I never wanted to be a pokémon trainer, I wouldn't have enrolled at the Academy in the first place. But you let me. So..."

Mrs Sone sighed and smiled softly at him. "I know. I will sing for you when you go! So that when you hear this song, you will think of home and-"

"CHERISH YOUR MEMORIES!" Mr Sone interjected with a raised fists and face of furious seriousness.

"I WILL, I WILL. But mama, please don't sing... I'll be fine, really!" He took some steps backwards towards the door again and put his hand back on the doorknob, after having put the camera down in a pocket and the case into his larger bag.

He took a look at both of them. His little family. No wait, there were some people missing... "Where are the pokémon?" he asked them.

"Oh, we didn't want to worry them..." Mrs Sone said, avoiding Fred's eyes.

"Hank and Puff are fine, but if Beauto and Whiss saw you leave, they wouldn't take it well. They probably wouldn't let you leave. So we've made sure that Hank and Puff are playing with them in the garden now!" Mr Sone said proudly.

Fred giggled at the thought of the Mankey and the Jigglypuff being forced to play with the more childish pokémon. But even if he did want to say farewell to his childhood playmates, he guessed that he saw the logic in not having them around right now.

So with that, he was finally off. The road to the Academy seemed longer today than on any day before. As if every step was tougher to take. Fred didn't have second thoughts, of course. He was just nervous. And at the same time immensely excited. He thought about the other four trainers. The serious Riku, the lazy Cody, the annoying Angie and the girly Justine. Would they be traveling together in a group? Or would he be alone on his journey? He would have his pokémon, of course. He just hoped they would become as good friends as he was with his father's Beautifly and his mother's Loudred.

The Academy came into view. A rather impressive installation, really. He never thought of that before. He just went to school there, and it's not common for teenagers to think their school looks impressive. But this day, nothing was as it usually was. He was going to the part of the Academy where students weren't normally allowed. Sliding the passcard through the terminal and seeing the doors slide open felt strangely surreal. It felt like life would begin when he stepped through them.

The professor - the elder professor Oak - and the other trainers were already there. Great, he was last on the first day. At least he wasn't late, the others were just early... or at least he hoped so.

He had seen the others in school before, but he wasn't friends with any of them. Angie was taller than he was. Whoa! And Justine wasn't exactly tiny either. Cody looked just as he had imagined, and Riku looked even grumpier. Fred gave them all a weak smile that was supposed to be greeting but probably just showed how nervous he was.

"I'm here!" he said to the professor and then remembered something. He should make a memory out of this. He quickly pulled up his camera from the pocket and snapped a photo of the unsuspecting, waiting trainer quartet. Only afterwards did he realize that it might have been rude to snap a photo of them without asking beforehand.

"SORRY!" he said with a reddish face, but then figured that he'd better shut up already and get in line. Since when was he this nervous a person?
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