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    A secret hidden from you - Chapter 8

    Aisha woke up early in the morning, she took a look around and saw everyone was still sleeping. 'Lazyasses...' She commented quietly while sighing. She stood up and walked to the door of the house, she carefully opened it without a sound and closed it as she went outside and went to look for a nearby river.

    Once she found one not far away from the tree-house she immediately walked over to it with a grin, but she found something else too, well... Something? Let's change that to someone. She found Jaden sitting there by the rand of the river.

    'When Khaos and i teased you with taking over the world, i never actually thought someone really would.' He spoke without looking at Aisha. 'I blamed you that i lost my wings, telling myself that if you did your work better this all would never have happened.' When Jaden said this Aisha's eyes widened, she started to feel guilty and looked sad, and just when she wanted to apologize, Jaden spoke again.

    'I never actually tried to place myself in your shoes... trying to save this planet every single day and trying to keep two idiots away from that planet, it must've been really hard...' Jaden trew a stone in the river. 'Shut up.' Aisha simply said.

    'In fact you're right, if i did my work better this all would've never happened.' Aisha started. 'I should've finished you and Khaos off by your first try to take over earth, but i didn't, because...' Aisha paused and looked at the ground. 'Because i just couldn't...' Aisha clenched her fists. 'Thousends of humans have died because i made a mistake, and someone lost his wings because i couldn't do my work right.' Aisha paused again.

    Jaden finally took a look at the insecure girl who was speaking of her mind right now, he kind of was suprised she was talking like this. 'I'm a failure... I shouldn't have been born...' Aisha coldly stared at the ground. 'But hey, i don't care if you hate me, i don't care at all, because all this will be over soon, i don't have to feel guilty anymore, i don't have to... Feel this beating pain inside me anymore, because...' Aisha holded her chest with her left hand.

    'Because i'll die anyway, it's my faith.' Aisha turned her face to the black morning sky, it seemed like it was going to rain today. 'I'm not going to be sad about it, i'm happy i can clean up the mess i made.' Aisha turned her back to Jaden and walked away with a proud walk, proud that she can save the planet she liked so much, but did she really fell that way?

    Jaden only watched her leaving with widened eyes. 'You shouldn't talk about yourself like that...' Jaden looked at the water. 'Don't lie to yourself...' He quietly said, looking sad, like he was talking about hisself too.

    When Aisha entered Eve's tree-house everyone was up already. 'What's wrong?' Aisha asked everyone who was taking their stuff, Eve looked a little sad. 'Guys? What's wrong?' Aisha repeated. 'Sssstttt! There's a demon here!' Khaos who always looked happy and stuff looked pretty cautious right now, which ment it was serious. 'Where is it, Zane?' Gloria whispered to him. 'Still above us, let's be quick and quiet.' Zane answered.

    'Where's Jaden?' Jamie asked Aisha, Jamie gave her a black bag with stuff and stood next to her with her own bag. 'He's by the river.' Aisha replied a little weirded out. 'A demon, huh...?' Aisha stood in the middle of the house and as soon everyone was ready she signed everyone to leave the house.

    'Can we really leave her alone with that demon...?' Eve asked Khaos who was leading them. 'Don't worry, she'll be fine.' Khaos still looked kind of serious while he was leading the group to the river where Jaden was. 'Hey guys.' Jaden greeted them. 'Uhm... Where are you going with all that stuff?' Jaden, who had noticed the bags, asked them with a confused expression. 'There's a demon in my house...' Eve complained with a sad face and hanging shoulders.

    'Ah okay.' Jaden grinned, untill he saw someone was missing. 'Where's Aisha?' Jaden trew another question on them. 'She's trying to kill the demon...' Jamie said worried. Jaden sighed, having his hands in his waists and looking at the ground. 'Then it's time, i'm gonna help her out i guess.' Jaden walked past the group and nodded his head.

    'Is he always like that?' Gloria asked Khaos. 'Meh, he's just underestimating her again.' Khaos smiled and sat down against the tree. 'Thanks for the headphone by the way, Zeke! The sounds were so much better now!' Khaos happily spoke. 'Y-yeah, no problem...' Zeke rubbed the back of his head and looked away.

    Jaden was on his way to Eve's tree-house when he suddenly heard a loud sound, probely coming from one of Aisha's guns. Jaden started running to the house and when he opened the door the only thing he could find was alot of mess and a broken roof.

    'Aisha!!' Jaden shouted around but there was no shouting back, not even a "go away, demon boy".

    Jaden heard another gunshot outside the house and went to take a look. 'Have a nice rest~' Aisha said before she shouted the demon for the last time. The demon fell to the ground and didn't move anymore. Aisha rubbed some sweat from her forehead and that's when she noticed the cut in her arm. 'Oops~' she said, not noticing Jaden was watching her. She took out some bandage and bandaged her cut. Suddenly she saw Jaden in her eye corner. 'Hmm?' She faced the boy who seemed rather suprised.

    'Hahahha!' He facepalmed and couldn't stop laughing. 'What's so funny?!' Aisha shouted. 'Hahaha, i just...' Jaden kept on laughing. 'I just though that you had lost and the demon had taken you away again.' Jaden slowly stopped laughing. 'No offense, i guess i understimated you again.' Jaden chuckled and turned around.

    The demon on the ground had vanished. 'You're coming?' Jaden said to Aisha who wasn't coming. 'Weirdo.' She nodded her head and followed him to the others.

    'Get out your guns~ battles begun~ are you a saint or a sinner~' Aisha started mumbling quietly. 'If love's a fight, then i shall die, with my heart on the trigger~' it sounded more like singing but it was so quietly that even Jaden had troubles trying to hear what she was singing. 'They say "before you start a war, you better know what you're fighting for" well baby you're all that i adore, if love is what you need, a soldier i will be~'

    Aisha stopped for a second and kept on following Jaden with a big smile on her face. 'I'm a angel with a shotgun, fighting till the wars won, i don't care if heaven won't take me back, i trow away my faith babe, just to keep you save, don't you know you're everything i have~' Aisha sang louder now, she probely just didn't wanted to sing the first part out loud, but even Jaden could see she was really enjoying it. Not only Aisha was enjoying her singing, Jaden was enjoying her singing too, Aisha had just what angels were known for, a beautiful voice.

    'And iiiii~ wanna live, not just survive~' Aisha quickly putted her hands forward her mouth and hoped Jaden hadn't heard that. 'Then why dont you do so?' He commented. 'Do what...?' Aisha carefully asked, hoping he was talking bout something else. 'Live.' Jaden answered with one word. 'I-it's just part of the song! It's not like i really want to live.' Aisha crossed her arms and sticked her nose in the air with a "hmph" sound. 'Dont lie...' Jaden said with a sad smile. 'I'm not lying! Watch out with what you're saying, demon boy.' Aisha walked past him.

    'I enjoyed the song.' Jaden chuckled when he said that, esspecially when Aisha stopped for a second and then started to speed up. 'I told you to watch your words.' Aisha snarled.

    'I wanna live, not just survive...' Aisha quietly mumbled once more.
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