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Originally Posted by LadyAyeka View Post
Yeah some of them do need to have their stats at a certain level or something. And Warriors can often link with Pokémon you wouldn't expect they could, like this one Ground-type Warrior (Go, the lady with the Sandile) kept linking with Magikarps, which I kept rejecting because (1) I already had a Warrior with a Magikarp and (2) Magikarp is pretty useless in this game. Yes, I know you can evolve it and have it become much more powerful, but I'm not really fond of taking Magikarp into battle in this game because it can't do anything useful.
Yeah... Magikarp is most useless Pokémon in game.

Originally Posted by LadyAyeka View Post
Yeah... *sweatdrop* It's like I said, I've never written a walkthrough before, and since this game is more open-ended plot-wise than say, the main series games, I was unsure how to approach it.

I spent a lot of months doing password events and training up my army. I've also had a lot of trouble with some kingdoms - Pugilis, Yaksha, and Avia in particular - resulting in them taking several months to defeat. So I think that's why it's taken so long. It might also have to do with the fact that when I play the main games I mostly spend a lot of time level-grinding.

You think what you've read is bad? I'm halfway through year FIVE now. But at least I got to where you unlock the last three kingdoms before Nobunaga.
Originally Posted by LadyAyeka View Post
I don't think it's bad. I believe it's just too detailed for walkthrough of this kind =) I think Conquest walkthrough just needs what Pokémon you battle against and what kind of winning condition each kindgom has =)
Maybe specific feature of each kingdom =)
Or maybe what Pokémon can be used =)

Originally Posted by LadyAyeka View Post
I read that here: On there, for Mitsuhide and Motochika's events, it says this under "Clear Conditions": "Defeat Nobunaga's Army before January 4th (In-Game Time)." So I took that to mean that you must beat Nobunaga by January, Year 4. But then Serebii's guide was originally made based off the Japanese version of the game, so maybe the English version's different?

At first, I thought there were a lot more episodes that required that condition but it turns out it's just those two.

So it's this common mistake =)
Yes. This is pretty common mistake, there's no difference between Japanese and English versions (beside the fact that Japanese version had full names of characters).
Beating Nobunaga in 4 years is only winning condition of those 2 episodes.
You can play the main story as long as you need =)

Originally Posted by Raynestorm View Post
You can link with multiple Eevee's, albiet not in one swarm event. Before i beat main story my hero had a Flareon, Jolteon, and an Eevee. and all were eevees at same time
Of course... that's the point. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to find Perfect Link for hero.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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