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    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    You probably did not understand me. I meant that even if you are banned from using your starter after completing the main story, you still cannot have the true essence of Nuzlocke by releasing Pokémon right after it fainted.
    But I'll be glad to see if someone has the courage to do this =)
    Yes we cant get the true essence of a nuzlocke but anybody could try a new challenge that they have never tried before to get some of the essence of a nuzlocke challenge.

    Edit Update#1

    Cleared the personality test to find out I am a Shinx.
    Took Turtwig as my partner.Named him Earthy.
    Named myself StormyCat.
    Easily beat Zubat and Koffing at beach cave.
    Named My team EarthyCat [Earthy + Stormy Cat]
    Got the Spoink's pearl in Drenched Buff.
    Traveled the town with Bidoof.
    Met Azurill and Marill.
    Came to know that Drowzee is Wanted.
    Cleared Mt. Bristle and beated Drowzee with the help of a X-eye seed.
    Did some filler days until Ch-4
    Completed Sentry Duty.
    Did some filler days again until Ch-5.
    Got the access to recruit team members.

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    LVL 12


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