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Just thought I would offer some feedback.

I downloaded this as I'd yet to see a full length game hack of a DS Pokemon game (I have an R4, so the portability is something I've been looking forward to).

The altered starters and new Pokemon on the routes are pretty cool, and the slight level increase meant I had to pay attention. I think XP gain is slightly broken, though? At least I was seeming to gain very sporadic and inconsistent amounts and my starter was levelling approximately 5x as slowly as the Pidgey I caught.

What really killed it for me was the dialogue edits. Yes, I read the description, "Dialogue edits: Sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious.", but all of the childish swearing inserts and ridiculous dialogue lines make the whole thing reek of immaturity. I got up to the trainer school before I just gave up on the hack because the text edits are that obnoxious.

Just some food for thought for you.
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