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Originally Posted by Ralts Love View Post
Hey everyone, as you can tell I'm new here to the PokeCommunity. I prompted myself to join a Pokemon community forum since I recently tracked down and bought some of my childhood memories. I decided to collect everything I played with as a child, that includes of course, my favorite Pokemon games. My collection consists of a factory sealed N64, a factory sealed Super Smash Bros. for the N64 (Not player's choice), as well as a factory sealed Mario Kart 64. Though the N64 is such a great possession being as nice as it is, I take pride in my GBA SP and my Pokemon Leaf Green and Pokemon Emerald games. They are also factory sealed. I did buy Pokemon Leaf Green and Pokemon Emerald used as well because I wanted to play them so badly.

Enough bragging, as you can see my favorite Pokemon EVER is Ralts. I love how powerful Ralts is. When you find a Ralts they are generally around level 5. I love that for such a low level Pokemon it can become so powerful. Learning Confusion at level 9 makes it a tough opponent to any competitors who stand in its path.

Favorite Generations: 1-3

I look forward to being an active member here on the PokeCommunity!

--Ralts Love
Hi there Ralts, mind I call you just that?

Pretty long intro btw.

They call me Hikari, I'm a 19-yo Australian female (turning 20 next month) who loves memes, laughter, and of course Pokemon!

My fave generation is 5th Gen, but I've also played everything from 3rd Gen and on.

I'm a bit surprised you love my starting generation of Pokemon, and Ralts is such an adorable Psychic-type. I'm just asking, speaking of 3rd Gen characters, do you like Wally? Cos his first Pokemon was a Ralts.

I usually only catch female ones if I plan to evolve it into Gardevoir, or else male if I want a Gallade.

You should check out the General Pokemon Gaming Discussions forum since it covers your fave 3 generations. I do recommend you should play 4th and 5th Gens someday so that you can get used to all the changes introduced during that time.

Anyways, feel free to send me a VM if you want to talk. Many consider me someone a newbie should approach if they need to settle in, and I know how to put a smile on a newbie's face.

You can also chat to any moderator or admin if you ever need help, they are distinctively recognized by their bold, colored names. There's blue (moderators), orange (s-mods), green (assistant admins), red (staff admins) and purple (Rukario).

Have a great time and I might chat with you someday.

- Hikari10, #TheNewsroom
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