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    Originally Posted by passarbye View Post
    thread or post 404'd. do you have any others?

    Originally Posted by Mateshard005 View Post
    I got a big list of stuff:

    - D/P/PLT Heros in GBA Style (Inc. Running, Surfing and Cycling)
    - HG/SS Heros in GBA Style (Same as Above)
    - Tilesets in GBA Style
    - DS Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Teams (Grunts, Leader and Admins) in GBA style
    - Back Sprite of all hero. (Maybe in B/W Style?)
    - Sound Effects (Can be any, Most Preferred is B/W)

    Thats it. But if I am demanding too much can you Message me? I don't want to be a nusents , and
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