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    For new Bird pokemon, I would like too see some new Poison/Flying as well as a did catch a Zubat and evolve it all the way and it's really useful, but some don't like it as its really common, so it should be a bit rare, or a new legendary!

    Now, as for the new contest, I will post an example here

    Name: Nin-Porenta (German name: Combination of ninja, leek and duck in german)
    Moves:Cut, Fly, Low Sweep, Aerial Ace
    Evolution: Evolves from Far'fetched when leveled up holding new item Super Stick

    Is the same as Far'fetched except wears head band with long things attached on back and holds two leeks connectedwith string and ahs a more aggressive attitude. It is the first Fighting/Flying Type

    See! It's Name doesn't even have too be English! Oh, but be more descriptie. i didn't as this is just an example.

    White 2: