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Originally Posted by Eeveelution Co-ordinator View Post
Name: Nin-Porenta (German name: Combination of ninja, leek and duck in german)
Moves:Cut, Fly, Low Sweep, Aerial Ace
Evolution: Evolves from Far'fetched when leveled up holding new item Super Stick

Is the same as Far'fetched except wears head band with long things attached on back and holds two leeks connectedwith string and ahs a more aggressive attitude. It is the first Fighting/Flying Type.
This idea is Far Fetched ;DDDD I should have a stand up routine.

Although I do love the Nin-Porenta idea, it sounds like a complete badass of a Pokémon :3 And it's about time we had a Fighting/Flying type! I always assumed Staraptor was Flying/Fighting, mainly based on the Close Combat move being one of it's signature moves, but it'd be great to have a proper one. Also I completely agree about needing another Flying/Poison Pokémon, that would be wonderful to see :D Poison is my favourite type so if we had a bird that spewed poison from the skies and could let out huge clouds of smog or whatever then that would be absolutely epic. Design-wise, I'm thinking it'd look a lot like the Shadow Kargarok from LoZ Twilight Princess, spewing poisonous fog from its gaping mouth.

And I would prefer it wasn't legendary since I don't like using legendary Pokémon, but it would be cool to see a huge impressive bird like that become something of legend. :D