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    Hello community, I decided to drop back in and throw out some progress that I made. I didn't really work on this as much as I'd like, but I did have some time here and there. Firstly I'm gonna address some of the comments because well, that seems important. More than likely these people don't even get on anymore.

    Originally Posted by Masterge77 View Post
    I love those cave tiles, did you make them yourself, because I love it when people make their own tiles for their hacks, it makes them more original!!!!!
    Thanks, worked hard on them glad people appreciate :)

    Originally Posted by altariaking View Post

    The forest, cave and gym look really awesome 0_0

    Trainer name: Youngster Joey
    Before Battle: My Ratatta is, like, wait...where's my Ratatta?
    Pokemon used: Pidgey
    Defeat: Grrr, forgot I traded it!
    After Battle: My Pidgey is in the top percentage of Pidgey!
    Thanks for the compliments. I'll be sure to use your trainer suggestion

    Originally Posted by Noxxford View Post
    Altariaking's Youngster Joey is a silly goose. Anyways, this project looks really well-made, and I had to double-take when I saw the picture of the hero healing in a spring. Mother 3 Reference, maybe?
    No, I have no idea what Mother 3 is lol
    On the more obvious side you can do this in Fire Red near the place you find moltres (names escape me right now).

    Originally Posted by CuteBunny View Post
    The hack looks promising, though the palette of the flowers bothers me. And I really don't know why! But overall the updates are amazing. :>
    Hmmm.. perhaps if I know what exactly bothers you I could try to do something. Thanks for compliments!

    Originally Posted by XmasterchiefX View Post
    This hack is looking pretty good, it seems like it's going to be very good when it's finished, I liked the pokemon adoption, and your cave tiles just ROX they look very nice,and I liked the Gym, the Lavaridge Gym style are like my style. I'm looking forward for the fakemon, I luv fakemon >;D If they are good...

    Thanks for compliments I'll try do my best :D

    Sprite Updates:

    Some people may have already seen this, but it's the first line of Emon.

    The fire one was already revealed, so here are the other two.

    Girl rival, I still need to work on my trainer sprites in general :/

    This is the first gym leader. I don't think I've actually shown this, though it was done ages ago.

    Totempole/happybear fakemon it's weird so I won't be using it. You can have it :)

    Progress Updates:

    An event at the bottom of Lava Mountain.

    He run away, cause that's what evil dudes do.

    Moment of truth, the battle!

    You will come to love this random kid. I have a habit of putting him in just to say random things.

    Outside the mountian. Freedom!

    Route outside

    He's depressed, you can tell.

    Definitely depressed

    Met Loyd again, some event/character building going on.

    The second HM of the game is obtained by beating Loyd the second time. If you fail to beat him, then you gotta walk back from last Pokecenter and it'll be on the floor.

    Next town, there's the little kid again :P

    I'll be updating more frequently from now, for those who want to see the older screenshots I've updated the first post with the older screens. I'm still working on the next town right now, it shouldn't be too long before I finish that part.

    On the sadder note, I was messing around with the adopt a Pokemon script and it got messed up so I still need to fix it up again.