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    Riku Kimura//September 2; 9:30 A.M.
    Oak Research Facility, Pallet Town


    His golden eyes dilated at the flash of Fred Sone's camera, Riku rubbed his eyes quickly to rid himself of the burning that stupid boy caused. Who takes pictures without permission? Weirdos, that's who. "Thanks for the burning eyes bro, needed that." He said sarcastically, still trying to regain proper vision.

    "SORRY!" The boy's usual bright skin warmed up with red from embarrassment, usually Riku would've continued insulting the boy but since he himself had a photography hobby he decided it best just to leave the blonde boy be.

    "Just don't do it again without saying something, please." He said as politely as possible, at least for him. The professor wheeled past the group in his automatic wheelchair towards a large brown round table next to a giant Kanto region map on the wall. He couldn't believe he didn't see that earlier, weird. Riku sat down in an empty chair along with the other trainers and marveled at the lone container on the table. It was a cylinder, glass fogged up and undoubtedly holding the Pokéballs of their starter Pokémon. Doctor Oak smiled at all of them and grabbed the container.

    "Well now, this is exciting. THIS," Oak turned to show off the Kanto map, "Is the Kanto Region. You will be traveling for about a year, collecting the special badges from the certified League gyms. Now, since the Association changed up the league a few years back - there are some changes. Every official gym now comes with a puzzle, or a trial of sorts for incoming trainers. These will be done in groups, as will the gym battles themselves. Every gym leader will have the number of Pokémon needed to battle each of you. So for example," Oak used a laser pointer and directed it on Pewter City. "Pewter Gym, leader Brock here will use five Pokémon to accommodation a one on one battle with each of you. That is, given you past the trial."

    "What will these trails be exactly?" Riku questioned, this all sounded really interesting. He never knew of these rule changes.

    "They vary from gym to gym, but most will require team work with both your fellow trainers and your Pokémon. But I'll tell you this now, they are dangerous." Oak said grimly, Riku's eyes narrowed and he nodded a bit. This would be VERY interesting. "These five Pokéballs here, each hold one of your Starter Pokémon. Now, you'll get to choose according to the order in which you-"


    "Dammit, Fred! I thought I told you no more spontaneous pictures!!" Riku slammed his hands on the table.

    "Pidgeot!" The bird pokemon's cries of pain echoed into Oak's office. It seemed like Riku owed Fred an apology....meh, maybe later. Riku followed the worried Doctor Oak out onto the main floor of the research facility. Thick purple smog covered the entire place, they were blind as bats here. He grabbed on to Oak's wheelchair and who ever was near him, to make sure no one was separated. "Is everyone here?" Riku asked, he could hear some voices speak to him. He couldn't tell them apart in this blinding smog though. It was getting harder to breathe, Riku tried to shield his mouth and nose from this mess with his arm but it didn't help. He coughed heavier and heavier, what were they to do? Where could they go? He felt helpless.

    "Trainers, here! Take a Poké-" Oak's voice suddenly cut off after what sounded like a grappling, whipping noise. The wheelchair Oak was sitting on suddenly careened forward and crashed on the floor, the sound of Pokéballs bouncing on the floor could be heard. Was he just taken?

    "DAMN THIS FOG!" Riku shouted out.

    "Target acquired!" Riku's ears perked up at the sound of a feminine voice, it wasn't any of theirs. No, it was someone else's. Just then, the thick smog that blinded the trainers vanished in an instant. Heavy wind vanquished the poison gas attack, thank goodness it was a low level attack or they would all be dead by now. Those flashes earlier must have been a Flash attack, and the ropes that grabbed Oak? Vine Whip. All Pokémon attacks, from them.

    They stood there, caught. They were menacing, and tall. Grown people, wearing masks with piercing golden eyes staring the teenagers down. Around them were scattered scientists, all with some kind of sludge on their face. Oak was no exception, being dangled over the shoulder of the taller gentleman. It was them, the Blitz Gang. The man set the Doctor down on the ground, as he tried to crawl away the gang member stomped on the old man's back. Riku clenched his fists, and as soon as he saw one of the members unclip a Pokéball - he knew what he had to do. He reached for a Pokéball and grabbed it quickly, he didn't care which one it was, or if it was the one he wanted, he just knew something had to be done.

    "You kids are lucky, our missions are usually pulled of flawlessly and we're never seen. It's a shame, he wanted you five unharmed. But unfortunately I'm calling the shots here. Fire at will." The Blitz members fanned out into an orderly line, each one lining across from one of them. It was a regular school yard brawl it seemed. Riku smirked, and stood across from the taller gentleman as the others walked over to prepared to battle.

    “I don’t suppose you’re the welcoming committee, are you?” Riku asked dryly. He could see a smirk appear on the member's mask. “Nope. I sure as hell am not. But I know who you are.”


    The smirk widened. “Yeah. You’re the kid who’s about to get his ass kicked.”

    “I’m guessing you’d enjoy a battle then?” he asked, though he had a feeling he already knew the correct answer. The man chuckled now, woah - they had emotion. Riku clicked the center of the Pokéball to release a small orange lizard in a flurry of white light. Charmander, not his first choice but he'll take it. As for the other guy, he released a little sludge thing. It was actually a rather smelly Pokémon, reminding Riku of the garbage duty he had to do for ditching too much football practice one year. The Pokémon enticed him, and Riku found himself covering his mouth and nose to try and block out that horrible stench. Charmander looked perfectly confident, though Riku wasn’t exactly sure why. Maybe this little guy knew that business had to be taken care of, and Oak had to be saved. Well, as long as the Pokémon was willing.

    “Charmander use ember now!” Riku called.

    Riku had to admit, he was a bit surprised he started the battle off. He had figured that he would allow the opponent to strike first. Grimer slithered away, so it gave him time to assume that Houndour knew no super effective attacks against Charmander. Riku, though he was pretty sure that his assumptions were correct, wasn’t going to let it bring his guard down. He didn’t want any close calls; he wanted this battle finished.

    “Grimer, Pound!” The Blitz member ordered.

    “Tch! Don’t let it complete the attack! Charmander, get in close and use ember.” Riku smirked. Grimer’s fist grew into giant proportions and was about to hammer down upon the lizard. Riku, though he knew he should be focused on the main battle, couldn’t help but stare for a few seconds at the Pokémon's structure. Luckily for him, Charmander wasn’t about to go drifting off in the middle of the battle. Instead, Charmander jumped over the poison type, effectively dodging the pound and appearing behind Grimer before launching his Ember attack. Riku snapped out of it and was pleased to note this. He smirked slightly when Charmander’s ember flares slapped against the Grimer, making the poison Pokémon cry out and skid back a few paces. Grimer was whimpering and twitching, but Riku could see that it could take at least another hit or two. Grimer was really defensive he noted.

    “You pathetic little...” the guy snarled at Charmander. “YOU PIECE OF CRAP!” he snapped. “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!” Charmander flinched at the name calling, but unleashed a ember that Riku swore looked more powerful than the first. It hit Grimer dead on, but it used Poison Gas to stall Charmander enough before something horrendous could be done. Riku cursed when the gas reached Charmander. The fire type was coughing and stumbling about, but Riku couldn't tell if it was a major affecting poison or not.

    “Charmander, are you alright?” he questioned, just to see if the poison was going to impact too much. Charmander glanced back at him, and Riku nodded. Charmander wasn't poisoned badly. Roli ordered Charmander to finish the job with another ember. Riku thought himself lucky that Charmander seemed to somehow be able to know what Riku was thinking, but he supposed that was just a coincidence. Riku watched in silence as Grimer charged head on towards Charmander who was waiting for the right time to use Ember, preparing one of his somehow super charged pounds (upon the Blitz member’s command, of course) and hoped that Charmander would be able to pull it off.

    "NOW!" Riku yelled. Charmander pulled his little stunt again, and Riku smirked at how Grimer was so easily fooled. He knew he shouldn’t feel this cocky, but he just couldn’t help it! Charmander was doing so well, it was like he was a natural born battler or something. Riku liked it. He enjoyed watching Charmander beat down the Grimer, even though he had felt sympathy for it now and then. Riku sighed, sort of wishing he could offer the Grimer a different life, but scratched that from his brain. It was a stupid thought.

    “YOU STUPID PIECE OF SLUDGE! WATCH YOUR FREAKING BACK!” the man shouted, his voice was loud and commanding - like a drill sergeant. Grimer frowned, retracting its pound attack. The Pokemon’s head drifted lower, making it look beaten and broken. Riku felt a jolt of sympathy rush through him, but then Charmander’s attack struck. This time, Grimer was slammed back to the Blitz member's feet. The man didn’t bother to recall the little Pokemon, he only picked it up by its slimy head, and it make Riku wonder what would happen to it. He didn’t like what had just happened, and it filled him with something akin to rage. He glowered at the man in the uniform and clenched his fists, but said nothing.

    “HA! Well, I hope this thing knows its a loser. That would be excellent. Maybe it died,” he snarled under his breath as he grabbed its Pokéball and called it back.

    “Why don’t you just shut the f*ck up?” Riku snarled back. His blood was beginning to boil. This was no harmless banter with his debate class; this was something that just downright pissed him off - this was the screaming and arguing with the bullies when he was younger. You could be powerful and still care about your Pokemon. Hell, you could be evil and still care about your Pokemon! So what the hell was this guy’s problem?! Out of the corner of his eye, Riku saw Charmander giving the man a rather angry look as well.

    “Oh, you. You're lucky I like you kid, I can't just kill you - that wouldn't be fun." The man chuckled, "Besides, you've still got your part to play little one." The man laughed.
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