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    Amethyst's smile seemed to disperse, as one of the boys tagging along started to yell at her and tell her what to do. Now, when this happens, there are two results. One of them is intense rage. ... Unfortunately, this was not that result.

    The boy seemed to turn from attacking her to someone else. She couldn't hold it in any longer. Tears formed from her eyes and dribbled down her cheeks, then falling a long way down to the ground. The poor girl was crying now. Good job Alex. Now prepare for Lucy's maternal rage! In this moment of weakness, her powers seemed to fail, and those claws that were holding her up had now released, and Amethyst fell (probably a few stories) down, hitting ground level with a rather painful "thud".

    Being a Spirit Wielder, the impact was painful, but nothing too bad. Of course, as she sat up, the tears continued to fall, her eyes reddened and puffed up slightly, and her hands and cheeks were faintly red from the impact. She pulled her knees up to her chest, and just sat there, facing the wall, and crying. Lucy, don't look!

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