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You can improve this by using a perlin noise algorithm to let people generate their own land basis (not the routing and towns just the land basis of it) anyhow this seems much easier than paint. Also I have a few suggestions I would like to share:

1. File downloading (pbDownloadToString can do this, determining the file's name is a different story though.)

2. Having the option of dynamically placing x amount of trainers with a good level range of the player's party. (this way you can keep the game a little more interesting)

3. Having the option to auto-adjust the enemies Pokemon to be within a good level range of the player's party.

4. Encrypting the save data (I figured out how to crack a save without decrypting anything at all which is really simple.)

5. Add some essential game versioning info (Game Key (XXXX), Game Version 1.0, ect.)
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