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    The Poll Is Incomplete. Reason 1 is the fact that in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, when you talk to blue at cinnabar town, he tells you "i used to be kantos champion, but that was short lived thanks to red" So that means Red should be a option. You dont need a fancy league with an elite 4 to be champion. the system clearly was capable of being bent. Reason 2 is the fact that Cynthea makes a come back in unova and her pokemon are indeed very strong. in fact, stronger than her default diamond, pearl, and platinum team. new additions to her team were included as well, such as her elektross or braviary. So Red should be included and cynthea should be updated as Cynthea BW. Also. Every Champions Team has been upgraded in b2w2 as well. so the poll could be fixed. like this.
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