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Originally Posted by juniebug910 View Post
Edited. Is that better?

REALLY looking forward to this RPG!
Yes, you are accepted.

Originally Posted by Claire* View Post
I'll try and make a post in the IC soon. (Hopefully) I apologize, I was out of town on another business trip.
No problem, I'll try to have the next area up soon so you can move on.

@heretostay123: I'm letting you in but I would like to see some of your better work over the course of this RP.

Originally Posted by Baloth View Post
I apologize profusely, but I strongly feel that I have overextended myself in all RPs, AND my real life obligations, and with regret, choose to resign from Blazing Sun/Tranquil Moon.

I am sure of my decision, and you may eradicate all traces of Amane as you see fit--or, should someone wish, they could take on my character, or adapt her to their wishes. Once again, I apologize. I hope this RP goes well! It looks like it will be really awesome, and I am sorry that I cannot be there to see it come to fruition.
No problem, though I am sad to see you go.
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