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Get a Trapinch and train it for Flygon it's dragon so it has good resistances and a fairly good move-set and will come in handy against drake (screwed against Glacier though).

Magcargo has got nothing on Camerupt and Torkoal so don't get Slugma.

Sceptile and Gyarados are solid for emerald I think (give Gyarados an ice move for Drake and Winona though). Sceptile is great for Juan and Wallace. Plus it can learn brick break for Sidney.

Statistically Electrode has the highest stats but that's mostly speed whilst Manectric has very high Sp. Atk. so go with Manectric. Manectric is good for Winona, Juan and Wallace.

Hariyama is the only decent fighting type available (except Blaziken) and fighting moves and typing will help with Sidney and Glacier.


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