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    idk, leveling in general felt easier to me.. and the lucky egg and audinos only added to it.

    What weirds me out with Deino is actually more the first time it evolves being 50.. the later one being 64 is more like something pseudolegends would have started approaching in a few more gens anyway. It feels so weird that its a Zweilous for just 14 levels after taking 50. Of course Im not saying it should evolve even later into Hydreigon..just much earlier into Zweilous ._.

    Originally Posted by Elgyem View Post
    And Gardevoir is fine just the way it is. If you simply play through R/S/E with one of them (considering that those were the games the Pokemon were intended for), it will probably evolve around Fortree city (at least if you're training a moderately full team equally). And when it evolves, it won't be overpowered at all. Mine certainly wasn't, it got destroyed by half the enemies it faced.
    How does that relate to what I said?
    EDIT: Actually nvm idc.
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