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    Victoria Stone

    Victoria felt so silly and embarrassed by the attention and fuss being cast in her direction. She kept trying to insist that she was ok, to no avail. That other boy, the one who didn’t look like he was so healthy himself had reappeared, along with....Kelsey. She was so happy to see her, it was comforting not to be the only girl around.

    Kelsey herself sounded worried when she saw the wound that had opened up on Victoria. The desperate tone in her voice was wholly evident to anyone who had been paying attention. Victoria held up a reassuring arm in her direction, a false thumbs up to try and reassure the stressed girl. “I’ll be ok, tis but a scratch,” she joked. An attempt to try and calm not only Kelsey, but herself.

    It wasn’t much longer until Vincent had come bounding back from his foray. Much needed medical supplies in hand. He said something about ripping her shirt to get to the wound. “No...” She tried to stop him, but it was too late. He had already enlarged the rip, just enough to get his hand in and access the wound. What a sight she must have been, soaking wet, in the middle of the woods, her shirt half ripped and blood covering her left side. All these negative thoughts were replaced by a sudden blinding pain when Vincent applied the disinfectant. Even though she knew it was going to help her, she had a struggling urge to curse profusely at him. If the wind wasn’t knocked out of her, she probably would have, as her grip tightened on Damion for stability.

    She could hear the sigh issued forth from Vincent’s lips as he tended to her bandage. He was probably so sick of having to patch her up by now, she felt bad knowing how much bandage had been exhausted on her. The bandages were tight, but reassuring. He really did a tremendous job wrapping them, she could still feel the blood soaking it from inside however. Hopefully the flow would stop completely soon enough.

    Now that the immediate danger had passed, all the pent up adrenaline in her system rushed from her body. The same adrenaline that had been masking her already dreadful pain to some extent. She desperately tried to stand with the assistance of Damion, her footing like that of a newborn Deerling.

    “You know, if you wanted my shirt off so badly, you probably could have rolled it up,” she teased weakly, hoping Vincent would appreciate the joke as a sign she was going to be ok. Taking a few steps past him and towards Kelsey, she walked slowly and wobbly. “I really appreciate it, I owe you guys so much,” her voice grew appreciative and distant. “Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks,” she said, as she collapsed in front of her, grabbing at Kelsey’s arm on the way down.
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