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    Also make sample areas to activate the Leafeon evolution, Glaceon evolution, Magnezone/Probopass evolutions and (maybe) Giratina area where it have its origin form.

    Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
    I currently don't have any plans for a second region, although I think one should be included (it doesn't really need anything in it, though). Adding a harbour would be a nice idea, where the surfable water is at the south. As you suggested, the player could also unlock other destinations in the same region (which uses the "don't show map details for this point unless Switch X is on" feature). The unlocking/item obtaining can be done by/from NPCs also in the harbour, for convenience.

    Deoxys would be a good example, as there can also be meteorites to inspect which change its form. The other Pokémon can be something like the Shiny Gyarados (i.e. use a script to force it to be always shiny). One can return every 24 hours, and the other can return upon setting a certain switch (which is then unset).

    The only problem is that there's currently no support in Essentials for changing the Town Map's graphics during a game. I'm not entirely sure how best to go about it (specifically, how to make it easiest for the user to use).
    I suggest to also make a pokémon sample event when the pokémon isn't a visible event and/or the pokémon change, like the Emerald Southern Island.

    For the two islands, how about only one hidden?

    The best thing than I thought about map change was something like:

    # Define to unlock new maps for regions when the switch is on. The regions counts starts in 0 (or 1):  Use Region, picture name, switch
    or you can use the hansiec idea plus a number for region.
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